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AMR Audiophile Gold Hi-Fi Fuse 13A (UK Mains Plug)
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AMR Audiophile Gold Hi-Fi Fuse 13A (UK Mains Plug)

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AMR Audiophile Gold Hi-Fi Fuse 13A (UK Mains Plug)

Priced at £18.00 per single fuse, Also available in a box of 3 for £50.00

The electrical mains power supply is the “fuel” that feeds every audio or visual system. If this “fuel” is degraded along the way, it will not perform to the very best of its ability. One of, if not the weakest link in the audio/visual chain is the fuse. Without doubt, it will degrade the electricity as it passes through.

The AMR Gold Fuse is a reference replacement fuse for all electronic products. Audio and visual products from amplifiers to LCD televisions will attain a higher level of performance as the power supply chain is no longer “degraded” by running the electricity through a compromised, mass produced fuse.

The generic fuse is an industrial-grade item produced for one job only: to act as a safety cut-out by melting once the electrical current passing through exceeds stated parameters. Its remit has no consideration for the needs of an audio/visual component/system.


Industrial-grade fuses are typically made from:

• Low-grade tin/metal spiral wire: microphonics, added inductance and power degradation issues

• Thin glass tube body: microphonic issues

• Low-grade metal end caps: poor contact, power degradation issues


The AMR Gold Fuse was developed after lengthy testing and auditioning and is a true reference-class mains fuse.


To an audio system (CD Processors, Amplifiers, Turntables etc…), the AMR Gold Fuse has been found to bring the following improvements:

• Fuller body, better definition and detail

• Reduced distortion

• Extended dynamic range


For visual equipment (plasma, LCD televisions, projectors, BD and DVD players etc…), the AMR Gold Fuse has been found to raise the level of performance with:

• Sharper picture definition

• Richer colours and blacker blacks

• Much reduced picture “noise”


With AMR’s awareness and understanding of the limiting factor of the generic fuse, AMR has designed and developed the AMR Gold Fuse which addresses each of the above issues to result in a whole that is truly greater than the sum of the parts.


• Silver alloy fuse wire, non-spiral, low inductance design

• Special non-magnetic, shock resistant anti-resonant ceramic body

• Gold-plated end-caps (Gold does not oxidise like Silver, hence better long-term reliability)

• Approval: UL SA PSE CE CCC

.6.4mm  dia x 25mm length, UK mains plug fuse

.Ratings include: 3A, 13A, 250V



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Best 50 quid I've spent on hifi
16 April 2022  | 

Replaced the fuses in my mains block, PC(roon)and amp. Difference was easily perceivable. If looking for a cheap system tweak, look no further

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Cheap for an upgrade
31 January 2021  | 

I purchased three 13 amp and three 3 amp fuses.
The main problem here is that A/B comparisons are not possible. Therefore, you are left to try and accurately remember what the sound was like before the time it’s taken to replace all the relevant fuses.
My first impression via speakers was of an overall subtle improvement most noticeable in the bass. Through headphones the enhancement was more noticeable throughout the range. In summary, these are cheap in terms of the usual cost of hi-fi upgrades and certainly worth trying.
I would suggest that if you are using bog standard mains leads, as supplied with most equipment, that these are replaced first with an upgraded distribution bloc and/or mains leads..

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AMR Gold 13A
11 October 2018  | 

Got three fuses. For my digital server. Power supply and integrated amplifier. All together has brought an extra sweetness and clarity over everything. was very sceptical at first, but like fitting in an audiophile mains socket, has just made the hifi step back and the music to step forward. Nice

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easy upgrade
12 April 2018  | 

It makes sense to me as the fuse is thee link between the power supply and the equipment. These fuses are well made and gold plated,more importantly they work! Everything is better sound-wise like a camera lens being brought into focus,the sound does the same,its subtle but its their, works on TV etc.,brighter picture!.

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AMR 13 amp Gold Fuse
21 July 2017  | 

Having been a little sceptical regarding superfuses, I bit the bullet after reading many rave reviews on the AMR Gold fuses. Whilst not being of 'night and day' proportions the improvements in natural detail, realism, dynamics and improved distortion etc. are certainly worth having. I found the greatest improvement was when the fuse was inserted into the mains plug feeding my amplifier, but give it a few days to burn-in. At the price, this must be the best value audiophile fuse currently available, and highly recommended.

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big improvement,little outlay
12 January 2016  | 

just a fuse maybe--but the improvement it provides to the supply of power to the amp has proven to produce a bigger soundstage,cleaner outlines and a more convincing musical presentation

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Instant Upgrade
26 January 2015  | 

was put in my amp, noticed instant improvement to sound, much crisper. Also put in sky power lead and noticed improvements in picture. will now be looking to upgrade power leads and plugs. first time shopping with Analogue Seduction - very quick delivery. thanks! will shop here again

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