Leema Acoustics Xen 2-Way Reference Monitor Loudspeaker
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Leema Acoustics Xen 2-Way Reference Monitor Loudspeaker

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Leema Acoustics Xen 2 - Way Reference Monitor Loudspeaker

The legendary Leema Xen is a nearfield monitor for use in recording studio's and broadcast vehicles, the incredibly compact Xen soon came to the attention of discerning HiFi enthusiasts.

The Xen includes a stunning imaging, bass performance and slam which hardly seems possible considering the Xen's tiny form factor (the front baffle is the same size as an A5 paperback book).

Yet despite it's volume of only 5 cubic litres, the Xen features a frequency response of -6dB at 57Hz in the bass end, all the way up to 25kHz, well beyond the range of human hearing.

Twin, low velocity front mounted ports allow for close to wall or bookshelf if required.

Efficiency is good at 85dB per watt. Amplifiers with an output of between 60W and 150W RMS are recommended.

Stuart Smith reviewing the XEN for Hifi Pig

"First impressions are that the Xens are typical of the very best of this kind of monitor, with them feeling accurate, balanced and composed. Of course they don’t go super low, but you know what, you don’t always miss trouser flapping bass when the mids are just so “right”.

I had the speakers in our large listening room and I genuinely thought they would be lost in this space, but I was very pleasantly surprised indeed

The Xens throw a huge stage and whilst they don’t disappear (I think that’s a bit of a hifi cliché anyway) the music does extend beyond the left and right of the speakers, with instruments remaining just where they should in the mix

They certainly give you a great insight into the recording you are listening to (as you’d expect) but they aren’t so over analytical as to be ruthless to the recording you are trying to enjoy, or give you so much information overload that you feel like you are listening out for errors in the recording, rather than sitting back and enjoying the music…this is a fine balancing act to do but the Xens pull it off with aplomb.

Standout feature to the sonics of the Xens is the lovely even-natured mid-band that integrates beautifully with the upper registers

If I was to add a second system, say in the bedroom or in our television/lounge area which is more of a normal size, then I’d snap these up in an instant. In fact I did snap them up and I’ll be using them as our reference for mid priced kit reviews."


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