Cabasse Baltic 5 Speakers
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Cabasse Baltic 5 SpeakersCabasse Baltic 5 SpeakersCabasse Baltic 5 Speakers
Cabasse Baltic 5 SpeakersCabasse Baltic 5 SpeakersCabasse Baltic 5 Speakers

Cabasse Baltic 5 Speakers

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Cabasse Baltic 5 Speakers

Three-way coaxial satellite loudspeaker
High performing 
TCA tri-axial driver

The Baltic is the first three-way coaxial satellite loudspeaker. Since its first introduction, the Baltic always offers a unique acoustic and impressive musical quality of a full range true point source. This fifth version of the Baltic is fitted with a TCA tri-axial driver, a portion of pulsating sphere’s that form around the enclosure of the high performing and multipurpose high-end loudspeaker.

Improving the performance of Baltic in the same 27cm spherical enclosure forced Cabasse to reconsider the tri-axial driver from scratch, including the development of the in-house exclusive aramid fabrics for the production of new low/low-midrange and midrange membranes.

The concentric membranes form a profile in a constant curve, offering more radiating surface and almost no diffraction from the minimised radiating areas. The consistency and purity of the diffusion from top highs and lows are constant.

The gain in rigidity with no compromise in weight enables the use of a new more powerful rare-earth magnet significantly improving the efficiency and the power handling of Baltic. The simultaneous production of both membranes by Cabasse robotics guarantees reliability and consistency in performance.

The on-base version can be used for both shelves and walls, and an alternate on-stand version is also available (see FAQ for stand options). The magnetic base enables the speaker to pivot easily and a single screw enables easy on-wall mounting.

Purchase as part of The Pearl Sub System

Prices listed for purchase of Baltic 5 pair

Key Features:
Three-way coaxial satellite speaker
TCA tri-axial driver
27cm spherical enclosure
New low/low-midrange and midrange membranes
Available on Stand (View FAQ for finish options), Base and Wall mounted
Black or White finishes available
Oak or Black stand finishes available
Pair with The Pearl Sub

Technical Data
Ways: 1
Woofer: 1 x 25cm/10” HELD
Amplification: Left Channel: 300 W RMs / 600 W peak
Right Channel: 300 W RMS / 600W peak
Bass: 1000 W RMS / 2000 W peak
Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB
SPDIF Optical – RCA Analog
Audio Formats: MP3 – AAC – WMA – AIFF – FLAC - ALA
Multi-room: Hi-Res Multi-room
Compatibility: iO1/2/3, Riga 1/2 and Baltic 4/5
Remote Control: Bluetooth remote
Dimensions: 33.8 x 32 x 36.8 cm
Weight: 20Kg
Finish: Black, White

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