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Neat Acoustics Momentum SX7i  Floor Standing  Speakers
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Neat Acoustics Momentum SX7i Floor Standing Speakers

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Neat Acoustics Momentum SX7i Floor Standing Speakers

  • Available in a beautiful range of reel wood veneer and hand made cabinets. With Solid Granite Plinths.

The designers of Neat loudspeakers are musicians with a vast range of experience. Playing live and in the recording studio. This translates into their designs. Forget about measurements and specifications and listen to the essence of music, the NEAT way.

To achieve its extraordinary level of performance, an extensively braced and damped cabinet constructed from 18mm high-grade MDF is used, with each of the five drive units housed in its own discrete cavity. 

The upper section of the enclosure is, in effect, an infinite baffle two-way loudspeaker. Neat’s SXT tweeter is an anodised aluminium type, which delivers a detailed presentation, with extremely low compression, yet is also easy on the ear and free of the fatiguing effect of other highly analytical HF units. The SXT tweeter is flanked by two of Neat’s recently upgraded P1/R3 bass/midrange drive units in a d’Appolito arrangement. This section is fed from a simple 1st / 2nd order two-way crossover using superior quality low tolerance components. The crossover point here is 3.8kHz.

The lower half of the enclosure is sealed from the upper half and configured as a compound (iso-baric) bass-only section. One of Neat’s P1/R2 drive units is located on the bottom panel, firing downwards. This is augmented by an identical drive unit located above it, with a sealed chamber between the two. These operate together, in phase. The iso-baric system enables the drive unit to deliver extremely deep and controlled bass from a comparatively small enclosure. This section is tuned by reflex port. 

The Momentum SX range has been developed in the established Neat fashion; listening trials and empirical experimentation rather than a reliance on technical measurements, allowing the music to dictate the design and character of the system.

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