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Mission LX Series LX-2 Loudspeakers
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 Mission LX Series LX-2 LoudspeakersMission LX Series LX-2 Loudspeakers 

Mission LX Series LX-2 Loudspeakers

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Mission LX Series LX-2 Loudspeakers

Mission LX-2 speakers have been designed with their original roots in mind. Most noticeably in resurrecting Mission’s traditional driver configuration, placing the tweeter below the mid/bass.

Driver Array

This distinctive arrangement, not only sets these stand mounts apart from their competition, it also facilitates the time alignment between drivers, better synchronising the sound production from each as it reaches the listener.

Mission LX-2 uses a 25mm micro-fibre dome tweeter coupled with a 13cm fibre composite mid and bass driver through a 4th order design single-wire crossover. The drives are carefully developed to deliver low distortion and an even response.


Calibrated to enhance off-axis performance while maintaining balanced on-axis sound, the crossover is a result of Mission’s persistent efforts in trialling different components to optimise results. The single-wired route concentrates on great quality run of speaker cable rather than splitting it between two cheaper alternatives.


The well-built compact wooden cabinet design displays the advantages of going back to basics while using cutting-edge strategies to provide a concrete platform integral to the drive units.

Just over 30cm tall, the compact dimensions of the LX-2 warrants a rigidity that’s hard to get from larger speakers. The understated visual design and neat finish lead to a remarkably classy speaker.


The LX-2s offer versatile and flexible positioning whether in the middle of a bookshelf or sitting atop a pair of dedicated stands. The LX-2s are best placed close to but not against a rear wall as the rear-firing port needs a little space behind for best performance.

These Mission speakers are easy to drive and unfussy in compatible components. They are transparent enough to allow even premium separates to shine through.


The LX-2s deliver the heart of the music, a rarity for speakers regardless of price. They are fast and pack deep bass that does not lose precision or authority. They time well presenting changes in momentum compellingly without neglecting the subtleties.


 Bookshelf / standmount 
• Bass reflex enclosure
• 2-way speakers
• 13omm advanced fibre bass driver
• 25mm microfibre dome tweeter
• 86.5dB sensitivity (1w @ 1m)
• 20-100W recommended amp power
• 6 Ohms nominal impedance
• 4.4 Ohms minimum impedance
• 60Hz-30kHz frequency response
• 2.8kHz crossover frequency
• 305 x 191 x 260mm
• 5.2kg

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