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Magnepan Incorporated CCR Reference Centre Speaker
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Magnepan Incorporated CCR Reference Centre Speaker

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Magnepan Incorporated MG CCR Reference Centre Speaker

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The Magneplanar CCR was designed as a companion center channel speaker for the MG 20.1 (or MG 3.6). The same or similar technology of the 20.1 was used for the CCR with a true ribbon tweeter and quasi ribbon midrange.

For many of our "Maggie" customers who are considering adding home theater to their music system, we hear that home theater is not their highest priority. If that describes you, is the CCR the best choice for you as a 3.7 or 20.7 owner? If you think it is not, keep in mind that the home theater is not their highest priority. If that describes you, is the CCR the best choice for you as a 3.6 or 20.1 owner? If you think it is not, keep in mind that the center channel speaker "makes or breaks" a home theater system. For those who want the best in home theater performance, the CCR is the logical choice.

However, we won't attempt to fool you. The CCR is no 20.7. If the state-of-the-art for sound reproduction could be had with a "small" speaker like the CCR, what is the need for the radiating area of a 3.7 or 20.7?

Most all speaker companies must deal with the same issues for home theater. The space and height available for the center channel speaker is dictated by the video. For a speaker designer, it is the equivalent of "tying one arm behind their back." It is ironic that the most important speaker for home theater has major design constraints.

Magnepan's solution to this dilemma was to employ all three speakers (front left, center and right) to work together to create the illusion of a large Maggie in the center. Most ribbon and electrostatic speaker companies employ a dynamic midbass coupler to cover the range between the subwoofer and the ribbon or electrostatic driver. In our opinion, that is an unacceptable compromise for the most important speaker in the home theater system. The Magnepan solution requires more effort for the setup, but the end result is worth it.

The CCR has curved true ribbon of the same design as the 20.7 or 3.7. The curved quasi ribbon midrange is a similar design to the midrange of the 20.7 with 213 square inches of radiating area. Because home theater places greater demands on the center channel speaker, the CCR was designed for higher efficiency.

Bass panel

If the CCR is to be installed in or on a cabinet, the Magneplanar Bass Panels (DWM or CC Speaker Stand) are nice additions to a Maggie home theater system. Achieving the illusion of a large Maggie in the middle for a center channel is better accomplished using a Maggie Bass Panel vs. dynamic subwoofers.


Description 2-way, curved quasi ribbon midrange (213 square inches radiating area), curved true ribbon tweeter.
Freq. Resp. 200-40 kHz ±4dB
Sensitivity 88 dB/500Hz /2.83v/1 meter
Impedance 3 Ohms
Dimensions 39.5" width, 15" height, 5.5" depth


The Magneplanar CCR is available in black, off-white and gray fabric and black oak, natural oak or dark cherry solid wood trim.

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