Definitive Technology Demand D15 Loudspeakers
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 Definitive Technology Demand D15 LoudspeakersDefinitive Technology Demand D15 Loudspeakers 

Definitive Technology Demand D15 Loudspeakers

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Definitive Technology Demand D15 Loudspeakers

Demand Series D15 loudspeakers deliver smooth high-frequency reproduction, formidable lows, and room-filling three-dimensional imaging for expansive audio. 
Lose Yourself In Sound
The D15 tower speaker features an exclusive 3-way driver configuration with a 1” annealed aluminum dome tweeter, a 5.25” BDSS™ midrange woofer, and dual 5.25” carbon fiber bass drivers, complemented by dual 8” side-firing passive radiators, for a full-range, room-filling sonic performance.
Proprietary Drivers
Definitive Technology designed the drivers in the Demand Series to deliver a perfectly balanced, precise, musical sound.
Tweeters Midrange Woofers
The D15 couples a laterally offset 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeter with our 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens. We offset the tweeters by 5 degrees, minimizing wave cancellations off the front baffle to deliver a more precise center stereo image and ensure clear, detailed high-frequency performance.
Dual 8" Passive Bass Radiators
Twin integrated 8” passive bass radiators in each speaker produce superior low-end extension for highly controlled, highly impactful bass.
Audiophile-Quality Crossovers
Demand Series crossovers are built with the latest premium audiophile-quality parts, including polypropylene metal-film capacitors and air-core inductors. These high-end components meticulously manage frequencies for clean and crystalline treble, refined and articulate midrange, and linear, low-distortion bass. This ensures that every detail comes through within a clear, balanced presentation that never sacrifices power.


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