Canton Smart Townus 2 Wireless Loudspeakers
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Canton Smart Townus 2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Townus 2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Townus 2 Wireless Loudspeakers

Canton Smart Townus 2 Wireless Loudspeakers

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Canton Smart Townus 2 Wireless Loudspeakers

The Smart Townus 2 of Townus Serie: Timelessly elegant
We are proud to present our brand new loudspeaker series "Townus", with which we would like to appeal to all people for whom timeless design and high-quality appeal are important. In reference to the roots and the location of our company headquarters, in the middle of the Hessian Taunus, we have created the same sounding name Townus for the new speaker models. The newly created Townus series impresses with its timeless, elegant design and its high-quality materials - ideal for urban people who value design and quality. In the word creation Townus, we also refer to the connection of the modern and pulsating life in a city and the rather quiet and rural Taunus, where the creators of this timeless and modern speaker series have their origin.
The Smart Townus 2
With the Smart Townus 2, we present the newest member of our large Smart family. In the same design as the passive Townus models, the smart variant ensures enthusiasm with its extensive equipment and the best technical ingredients. The Smart Townus 2 scores with its timeless elegance, the outstanding build quality and of course with its excellent sound characteristics. This makes the Smart Townus 2 compact loudspeakers the ideal playing partner for anyone looking for speakers that are visually understated, but are the measure of all things sonically. The fully active Smart Townus 2 are equipped with powerful amplifiers that provide 350 watts of power to each speaker. This eliminates the need for external power amplifiers and speaker cables. Simply set them up in the desired location, connect the power cable and feed player, and off you go with the listening fun in your home. The wireless signal transmission with 24-bit signal processing between the speakers ensures music playback of the highest quality.
Comfortable connection
Our Smart Townus 2 makes it easy for you: You can connect whatever your HiFi heart desires to the numerous inputs. For this purpose, analog connections in high-quality XLR and RCA versions are available, in addition to the digital variants in optical and coaxial design. A USB input with XMOS allows contact with computers and of course our Smart Townus 2 can stream music in the best quality wirelessly via Bluetooth with aptX. We include a selection of cables so you can start playing music right away at home. Thanks to the Smart Townus 2's smart features, you can expand the compact speakers with additional Smart speakers from Canton - for example, with the Smart Townus 8 floorstanding speaker. This way, you can build a great-sounding home theater set in single-room operation or integrate your Smart Townus 2 as an excellent-sounding member in a multi-room system.
Excellent components
Despite their compact dimensions, the elegant Smart Townus 2 impress with a broadband, powerful sound image - deepest bass, neutral mids and brilliant highs are reproduced with playful ease. A powerful 154 mm bass-midrange driver with a stiff and low-resonance titanium cone, suspended in a latest-generation Wave surround, combined with the integrated 350 watt Class D amplifier, ensures the impressive dynamics of the compact speaker. He is supported by the high-end tweeter with 25 mm diaphragm made of aluminum oxide ceramic, which uses a precisely calculated transmission front plate to optimize the sound radiation and coupling. Our wave-beading technology, the very solidly built enclosures and the strategically placed damping material keep sound damaging resonances away from these speakers. The screwless Diamond-Cut aluminum rings of the drivers used are not only a visual highlight - they also increase the stability of the tweeter and woofer. In addition, the generous cabinet roundings ensure a minimized influence of edge diffractions and thus a more stable reproduction of the spatial sound. Visually, magnetically adhering oval fabric covers give the Smart Townus 2 the finishing touch. 
Soloist and teamplayer
You can use the Smart Townus 2, quite classically, as a stereo speaker and combine it as you wish with other speakers from the Canton Smart family. In this way, you can create a 4.0 home cinema system in no time at all, without any cabling. The center channel is created virtually, with precise dialog reproduction and the best speech intelligibility from the mids. Canton's rigid titanium double cones not only ensure a tidy appearance, they also guarantee dynamic bass reproduction with the highest precision and best timing. With the Smart Connect 5.1, you can expand your system almost at will: make your Smart Townus 2 the main speaker of a multi-channel surround system and supplement it with additional speakers from our Smart series. In this way, you can expand your personal home theater step by step up to a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration - for impressive movie sound from all directions.


Wireless Active Compactspeaker

Engineering Principle

2-way bass reflex


350 watts per speaker

Frequency response

27...30.000 Hz

Crossover frequency

3.000 Hz


1 x 154 mm (6''), Titanium (Wave surround)


1 x 25 mm (1''), Aluminium-manganese (Wave surround)


1 x Analogue input (chinch)
1 x Bluetooth® 3.0 Interface (apt-X® Decoding for transmission in CD quality)
1 x Digital Input (coaxial)
1 x Digital Input (optical)
1 x USB-Input with XMOS® technology
1 x XLR (Balanced)


Decoder: Dolby Audio®, DTS Digital Surround®
Internal wireless network to connect to other Smart Series models
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Virtual Surround for Stereo, Musik & Surround Sound
Virtual Center at 4.0 home cinema mode

Special Features

Wireless transmission between speakers
Easy installation - one cable to the TV set, one cable to the wall socket
Volume adjustment per loudspeaker
Setting the listening distance per loudspeaker
Voice function - for better speech reproduction in stereo & surround sound
Equalizer - adaptation to spatial conditions
Dynamic Range Control - Setting the Dynamic Range
Sleep timer - Setting the turn-off time
IR learning function - controllable with TV / system remote control
Input Direct Dial - ideal for system remote controls
IR clear function - simplest deletion of unwanted learning functions
Automatic switch-on and switch-off
Configuration of the inputs - Input renaming
LipSync function - for exact speech synchronization
System Volume - Setting the Maximum Level
Restore factory settings - Reset function
Wireless Speaker Pairing - pairing of the wireless loudspeakers
Bluetooth Select - Automatically selects BT input
Autoplay Function - Automatic Bluetooth® Playback
USB Playback
fabric grill with magnetic mount


2 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

19 x 35 x 28 cm
(7.5" x 13.8" x 11")


6.8 kg

Power consumption

ECO/MAN: 0,35 watts, NSB: 1,2 watts (factory setting)

Available accessories

LS 860
LS 660

Carton Content

1 x Smart Townus 2 (master)
1 x Smart Townus 2 (slave)
remote control
mains cable
Optical digital audio cable (3,0m)
coaxial digital audio cable (3,0m)
Analogue stereo audio cable (3,0m)
Fabric grill with magnetic mount

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