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Rage Against The Machine - XX 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP, CD & DVD Box Set (887654117625s1)
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 Rage Against The Machine - XX 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP, CD & DVD Box Set (887654117625s1)Rage Against The Machine - XX 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP, CD & DVD Box Set (887654117625s1) 

Rage Against The Machine - XX 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP, CD & DVD Box Set (887654117625s1)

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Rage Against The Machine - XX 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP, CD & DVD Box Set (887654117625s1)

In 1992 Rage Against the Machine released their self-titled debut album which became a commercial and critical success, leading to a slot in the 1993 Lollapalooza festival. Rage Against the Machine, often cited as one of the greatest and most influential rock albums of all time, it was one of the first albums to successfully merge the seemingly disparate sounds of rap and heavy metal.
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the record, disc one of XX (the Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition) contains the original album re-mastered plus three live bonus tracks; disc two consists of the rare and sought-after 1991 self-produced demos (re-mastered) which lead to the band penning a deal with Epic Records; DVD one contains the complete live show from June 6, 2010 at Finsbury Park, London, England, all of the band’s music videos, and various live clips; DVD two contains the band's first ever public performance and various live clips from 1991-1994. This deluxe box with 12" lift off box also includes a vinyl LP of the original album re-mastered and a full-sized poster of the band.



Rage Against The Machine
A1 Bombtrack 4:04
A2 Killing In The Name 5:14
A3 Take The Power Back 5:37
A4 Settle For Nothing 4:48
A5 Bullet In The Head 5:09
B1 Know Your Enemy 4:55
B2 Wake Up 6:04
B3 Fistful Of Steel 5:31
B4 Township Rebellion 5:24
B5 Freedom 6:06

Disc 1 (CD)
Rage Against The Machine
CD1-1 Bombtrack 4:04
CD1-2 Killing In The Name 5:14
CD1-3 Take The Power Back 5:37
CD1-4 Settle For Nothing 4:48
CD1-5 Bullet In The Head 5:09
CD1-6 Know Your Enemy 4:55
CD1-7 Wake Up 6:04
CD1-8 Fistful Of Steel 5:31
CD1-9 Township Rebellion 5:24
CD1-10 Freedom 6:06

Bonus Tracks
CD1-11 Bombtrack (Live) 5:53
CD1-12 Bullet In The Head (Live) 5:44
CD1-13 Take The Power Back (Live) 6:14

Disc 2 (CD)
The Original Demos

CD2-1 Bombtrack 4:05
CD2-2 Take The Power Back 5:40
CD2-3 Bullet In The Head 5:09
CD2-4 Darkness Of Greed 3:40
CD2-5 Clear The Lane 3:48
CD2-6 Township Rebellion 4:19
CD2-7 Know Your Enemy 4:19
CD2-8 Mindset's A Threat 3:56
CD2-9 Killing In The Name 6:28
CD2-10 Auto Logic 4:07
CD2-11 The Narrows 4:35
CD2-12 Freedom 5:40

Disc 3 (DVD)
"The Battle Of Britain" Finsbury Park, London, England (June 6, 2010)

DVD1-1 Testify
DVD1-2 Bombtrack
DVD1-3 People Of The Sun
DVD1-4 Know Your Enemy
DVD1-5 Bulls On Parade
DVD1-6 Township Rebellion
DVD1-7 Bullet In The Head
DVD1-8 White Riot
DVD1-9 Guerilla Radio
DVD1-10 Sleep Now In The Fire
DVD1-11 Freedom
DVD1-12 Killing In The Name Of

Music Videos
DVD1-13 Killing In The Name (1992)
DVD1-14 Bullet In The Head (1993)
DVD1-15 Bombtrack (1993)
DVD1-16 Freedom (1993)
DVD1-17 Bulls On Parade (1996)
DVD1-18 People Of The Sun (1996)
DVD1-19 No Shelter (1998)
DVD1-20 Guerilla Radio (1999)
DVD1-21 Sleep Now In The Fire (2000)
DVD1-22 Testify (2000)
DVD1-23 Renegades Of Funk (2000)
DVD1-24 How I Could Just Kill A Man (2000)

Live Clips
DVD1-25 The Ghost Of Tom Joad
DVD1-26 Vietnow
DVD1-27 People Of The Sun
DVD1-28 Bulls On Parade
DVD1-29 Bullet In The Head
DVD1-30 Zapata's Blood
DVD1-31 Know Your Enemy
DVD1-32 Bombtrack
DVD1-33 Tire Me
DVD1-34 Killing In The Name

Disc 4 (DVD)
First Public Performance Cal State North Ridge, CA (October 23, 1991)
DVD2-1 Killing In The Name
DVD2-2 Take The Power Back
DVD2-3 Auto Logic
DVD2-4 Bullet In The Head
DVD2-5 Hit The Deck
DVD2-6 Township Rebellion
DVD2-7 Darkness Of Greed
DVD2-8 Clear THe Lane
DVD2-9 Clamptown
DVD2-10 Know Your Enemy
DVD2-11 Freedom

Pinkpop 1994
DVD2-12 Freedom
Vic Theatre 1993
DVD2-13 Take The Power Back
Jc Dobbs 1993
DVD2-14 Fistful Of Steel
Soundstage Performance 1992
DVD2-15 Bombtrack
Halfway House 1992
DVD2-16 Wake Up
Castaic 1992
DVD2-17 Settle For Nothing
San Luis Obispo 1992
DVD2-18 Clear The Lane
CWNN 1992
DVD2-19 Untitled
Zed's Records 1992
DVD2-20 Darkness Of Greed
Nomads 1992
DVD2-21 Wake Up

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