iFi ''Ultimate Big Rig'' Premium HiFi Headphone System
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 iFi ''Ultimate Big Rig'' Premium HiFi Headphone SystemiFi ''Ultimate Big Rig'' Premium HiFi Headphone System 

iFi "Ultimate Big Rig" Premium HiFi Headphone System

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iFi "Ultimate Big Rig" Premium HiFi Headphone System

Buy together the iUSB > iDAC > iTUBE > iCAN with the iRack equipment support for the “Ultimate Big Rig” iFi stack. The four shelves of the iRack allows you to house all the components for a “giant killer” of a system, which is able to compete with not only desktop, but also full-sized hifi systems.

All with the footprint of a cigar-sized box.

Ifi Audio iRack Equipment Stand

The Ifi iRack is a 4 tier mini rack made especially for your Ifi components, made in partnership with Track Audio, precision made and stunning to look at.


  • Complete with 3 sets of high quality cables to connect all of your components together. 
  • 1 pair of OFC Pure Copper RCA Interconnects
  • Length: 43cm.
  • 2 pair of OFC Pure Copper RCA Interconnects.
  • Length: 20cm.
  • 1 audio signal cable 3.5mm > 3.5mm
  • Length: 15cm.

iFi iUSB Power Supply

You've never seen anything like it ... Because there's never been anything like it. 

The most important feature of any USB audio device (USB DAC, USB Amplifier and USB Speaker etc.) is the power supply. The USB system as well as audio, carries its own power. Perfectly adequate to power anything from USB memory sticks to tablet computers; it falls far short from being a suitable noise-free power supply for high-quality music reproduction. 

To improve all USB audio devices out there, iFi have developed not just a better power supply, but the best power supply for all audio devices. With the iUSB, quiet passages are whisper quiet. The climaxes are fiercer, and everything in between is richer, more vibrant and no longer grainy.


To create a USB power supply that is ultra-quiet is an engineering challenge in its own right. iFi went several steps further... The Super Regulator technology encompasses; multi-stage and multi-order power purifying with filtering. iFi even commissioned a special, audio-grade USB power supply unit. The iUSB with an excellent voltage accuracy of 0.5% is even quieter than a 9V dry cell battery. 

To put it into perspective, if the DC power supply voltage from the iUSBPower was taken as equivalent to the sound level of a large calibre gun fired right next to you (painfully loud, usually taken as around 140dB), the noise produced by the iUSBPower would be completely inaudible to the human ear.

Power Supply Noise:  


The IsoPower system is a completely new way to connect your USB audio device. There is the standard USB connection option; but with the upcoming iFi dual-path Gemini USB cable, iFi engineers developed the IsoPower system which offers the option to run separate power and audio data lines. You wouldn’t place interconnects and power cables together so why should the USB connection do it? 

IsoPower eliminates any pollution between data and power lines. It keeps your USB audio data free from contamination and removes the USB Signal noise from the power supply lines, to enjoy the maximum performance from your USB audio device, unhindered.

iFi engineers developed the advanced IsoEarth technology specifically for the iUSBPower. By breaking the noisy DC ground connection between the computer and your USB audio device, this further reduces the ground noise by a factor of 10. Your USB audio device can now operate in the cleanest environment possible; allowing your music to flow.

iFi Micro iTube Tube Stage

Remove the generic digital harness to give an organic, life-like sound quality.


  • Tube Output Stage
  • Digital Purifier
  • 3D Holographic Sound 

iFi’s DNA means it is able to exclusively bring high-end products to the entry-level price point. Yet the iFi iTube will still astonish. Virtually every audio system has scope for improvement in the digital domain. The special Class A tube buffer circuit puts the ‘analogue’ back into your digital music. 

The Digital Antidote Plus® re-equalises harsh, ‘ringing’ digital sources which cause listening fatigue. 

The Tri-brid stage offers input impedances of 1M ohm (Buffer) to 100k (Preamp) with the ability to drive 600 Ohm loads. This feature found only in select, top-end pre-amplifiers means the iTube is able to ‘bridge’ different impedance systems such as tubes to pro-audio solid-state. 

With even more additional features not found elsewhere including 3D HolographicSound® system for Speakers, the iTUBE makes a Swiss Army knife seem one-dimensional. 

Prepare yourself for extended listening sessions. The iFi iTUBE is a game changer. 


Many audiophiles wax lyrical about the ‘magic of tubes.’ Why? Because the scientific fact is that adding tubes to a HiFi system increases our intrinsic enjoyment of music. The harmonic characteristic of tubes eases tension and gives us a greater sense of well-being. 

The Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts conducted an extensive scientific study where participants reported a ~60% decrease of tension, nervousness and a 120% increased sense of well-being with a HiFi system including tubes, when compared to a solid-state system. 

Many computer audio systems use a digital volume control which typically truncates the signal. Not the iTube, it is able to preserve the innermost resolution of the source like no other. Its precision analogue volume control is there when needed and out of the circuit when not.

iFi iCAN Headphone Amplifier

Powerful 400mW Class A Output

Creating a one-box-fits-all-headphones amplifier was a challenge for iFi. That’s because headphones are a diverse lot. So when iFi's engineers designed the new iCAN, they didn’t start with the amplifier; they started with the headphones. 

Unlike traditional headphone amplifiers, the design of the iCAN is based on the whole range of headphones. This atypical approach has bestowed upon the iCAN a unique ability to realise the full potential of each and every headphone out there. 

First and foremost, it was designed for the finest sound quality. With XBass you hear deeper, richer and cleaner bass. The 3D Holographic Sound system creates headphone-based music that is free-flowing rather than restricted.

To put it into perspective... Power Output:




Recordings are made for speakers not headphones. This explains the oft-found ‘inside your head’ headphone listening experience. The 3D Holographic Sound system rectifies this to transport the performer from inside your head, to in your room. 

iFi wanted to create a headphone amplifier that recreates the most vivid music performance to let your imagination run free; similar to a live concert where the group is playing in front of you. Vibrant, dynamic and resolving: the music stirs you. Above all, with the 3D HolographicSound system, iFi created a truly high-end 3D sound field without the use of any sound-damaging DSP whatsoever. 

The only thing to come close? Only a few of the best professional-grade headphone amplifiers used in international recording studios. The iCAN is in a class of its own making studio-quality audio affordable.

From the instant you connect your headphones to the iCAN, you realise this is exactly how headphones should sound. This Class A TubeState amplification plays a large part; giving an unprecedented level of clarity and authenticity to deliver an outstanding listening experience. 

To attain the ultimate sonic quality, iFi's engineers looked to the Golden Age of audio design. The ground-up iCAN design boasts an unconventional Class A TubeState amplification not of ‘hybrid’ but ‘tri-brid’ circuitry; blending the best of Bi-Polar devices, J-Fets and Advanced Discrete components. 

With next-to-none distortion, superior damping factor and excellent transient response, your music simply sounds better than ever. This means perfect-matching of the iCAN to your headphones. Whatever your genre; Rock, Jazz and Classical — music is sweet, vivid, and above all: lifelike.


To achieve the best match to extract the maximum performance from all ranges of headphones, iFi engineers painstakingly tested, measured and auditioned hundreds of headphones. 

The end justified the means as the XBass sound enhancement system is adjustable to suit each and every pair of headphones; large and small headphones alike now reach the deepest bass notes like never before. 

Like the 3D Holographic Sound system and true to iFi’s high-end audio DNA, the XBass circuitry functions without the use of any sound-damaging DSP whatsoever.

iFi designers left no stone unturned to achieve the finest audio quality. iFi’s DirectDrive technology is directly-coupled for the shortest signal path. It is also more as DriveDrive delivers higher power with lower distortion compared to many USB-powered audio devices. 

With real control and sonic authority, the iCAN is 27x more powerful than the Apple iPod Touch and 9x more powerful than the Apple MacBook Air. Saxophones have that golden leading-edge just like the real thing. Vocals have a palpable body and depth. Drums sizzle one moment yet are thunderous the next.

To put it into perspective... Damping Factor: 


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