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Furutech FP-15A-N1 Duplex Receptacle
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Furutech FP-15A-N1 Duplex Receptacle

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Furutech FP-15A-N1 Duplex Receptacle


High Performance 24k Gold-plated Duplex Receptacle.


Available in Copper, Gold and Rhodium.


Furutech has upgraded the FP-15A series of High Performance Duplex Receptacles to feature a more solid construction and the tightest connections available. Improved sound and improved value for money. 2007 is the year to upgrade to a Furutech receptacle.

“The FP-15A (Cu) drew me into the music with a slightly warm midrange and an open, airy and soft (but not dull) treble. Detail retrieval was significantly improved by the FP-15A … the background seemed a lot blacker … an across-the-board improvement in ambience cues, which made recordings more involving and interesting.”

Colin Smith


Non-magnetic Pure Cuprum plated Phosphor Bronze conductor

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