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VPI Stainless Steel / Delrin Record Clamp
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VPI Stainless Steel / Delrin Record Clamp

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Manufacturer:  VPI Industries

VPI Stainless Steel Delrin Record Clamp

VPI's newest record clamp makes several key improvements over the previous generation of clamps. First, the adjustable knob and upper half of the clamp is machined from solid stainless steel. By using solid stainless steel, the clamp adds even more mass and mechanical damping to the turntable. 

Since the stainless steel knob is more dense this translates to even better warp reduction when playing records. Also, the coupling mechanism is now also machined from stainless steel instead of Delrin to facilitate much more secure and precise coupling to the record and spindle.

It is designed to offer a sonic improvement over the standard two-piece and one-piece all Delrin clamps. Tightens bass and provides better instrument focusThe result is a noticeable lowering of the overall noisefloor, and exceptional improvements in small dynamic contrasts and tighter bass. If you own ANY of the VPI 'turntables, you NEED this clamp!

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