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Blue Horizon Pro Mat Turntable Record Mat
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Blue Horizon Pro Mat Turntable Record Mat

The ultimate mat for any turntable

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Blue Horizon Record Mat

*Adapts to different record thickness,

*No need to adjust VTA

*The Blue Horizon Record Mat has had a stunning first UK review by Paul Rigby in the August 2010 issue of Hifi World

This high-performance record mat is made from a unique composite of India rubber, cork and leather. Its fine, granular composition keeps firm hold of every record played, whilst suppressing the resonance generated during playback.
The mat’s dual-layer design makes it easy to adapt to different record thicknesses without needing to alter tonearm height (VTA) – use the first layer for audiophile-grade vinyl (180g), add the second for standard records (120g).
The result is the perfect coupling between record and platter – an utterly silent foundation, ensuring every drop of musical detail within the groove is delivered with unfettered clarity.



Key features

  • Unique composite in Indian rubber, cork & leather
  • Firmly holds record during replay
  • Suppresses resonance
  • Dual-layer design for VTA control
  • Award winning design

Product Reviews

"The Blue Horizon mat brought order to the sonic chaos. Bass not only had structure for the first time but also a measure of breadth and depth... Vocals were far more engaging... Midrange duties revealed a greater sense of detail and less flustered quality."

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

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