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Trilogy 909 Pre Amplifier
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Trilogy 909 Pre Amplifier

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Trilogy 909 Pre-Amplifier 

The 909 is a rare combination of a totally transparent valve audio preamplifier with incredible control versatility, a hub for existing and future Trilogy Audio Systems products.

Standard finish is a soft, finely bead blasted natural aluminium. You can also choose one of Trilogy's five lustrous paint finishes at extra cost, or take advantage of the Chameleon Colour System which opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities. 

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The 909 carries a wealth of control features that tailors your system management completely to your needs. Each parameter is set via a simple interface that remains user friendly at all times. Custom labels and gain trims for each input, timed system switch on via TASlink, and remote operation are just some of the many options available to personalise your system.

Audio performance is designed to be without compromise. All internal communication to the audio boards is via QuietBus. This proprietary Trilogy technology uses light to transmit information and thus frees the gain stage from all external EMI influence. The carefully designed audio circuitry delivers a musical vista free from edge or artifice, which is faithful in every respect. Unconstrained by the limitations of the derivative and ordinary, the music will be a revelation: truly free to connect with you as it was always intended. 

Technical Details

A minimal signal path is a feature key to the 909's outstanding performance. Up to six incoming sources are switched via instrumentation grade relays within millimetres of the rear panel connectors. Two separately selectable auxiliary loops are provided.

Attenuation is achieved by a relay switched stepped shunt attenuator. This uses precision discrete resistor arrays, thus avoiding the sonic compromises of conventional potentiometers. The volume control is beautifully weighted for precise control in 0.5dB steps.

All signal control is via QuietBus. Information to the audio boards is light coupled through separately screened sections of the chassis. All logic on the audio board is inactive, except when commands are actually taking place. This achieves complete physical and electrical isolation between the high noise world of digital signal processing and the crucial audio circuitry.

The physically compact gain stage keeps the signal path as short as possible. It benefits from a fully regulated shunt power supply via a valve rectifier and separate transformers for filament heaters and HT supply. Premium components from Mundorf and Welwyn are used with silver gold solder throughout.

Six buttons select inputs, while the control knob and a further two buttons access the control menu hierarchy. Remote control is via infra red handset, our PRC is the perfect compliment. The dot matrix LED panel display is designed to be fully legible across a room. Brightness can be configured to track the ambient light level or is manually adjustable.

Each input can be left as factory preset or given a custom label of your choice which is displayed each time the input is selected. A gain trim can also be assigned to each input to equalise volume levels between sources.

Balance control is available in 0.5dB steps. Default start up volume and balance settings can be saved via the menu system.

Film Mode can be selected for any input, enabling the 909 to integrate seamlessly with your AV processor for multi channel use.  

A real time clock provides multi event, seven day system switch on, switch off via TASlink. This allows you to fully warm up your system before coming home to listen. A sleep function provides power down after a selected period of your choice.

Other Trilogy products can be "Named" via TASLink for status monitoring and remote control.  Any intelligent features will then be available for use via the 909. User programmable defaults including setting the home page and PIN protected menu locking, are also included.

The 909 is PIN protected for your security. In the event of disconnection from the mains supply for more than thirty minutes a PIN will be required for operation. Other Trilogy products can be bonded to the 909 via TASLink for system wide security. This function prevents the bonded units from operating if they are not connected to their bonded master 909. Simply select unbond within the menu to break the link for transportation or audition in other systems. 

TASLink is Trilogy's proprietary interface bus; designed expressly for the high resolution audio environment. It is a fully bidirectional system which means any intelligent future products are able to interface seamlessly with existing ones, without the need for software upgrades. Commonly found RJ45 connectors are used for linking products together. DC and general purpose lines (GPI) allow some functions to be used with remotely controlled equipment from other manufacturers.  Status reporting, remote interrogation and control of other Trilogy products as well as user configurable bus settings are all within TASLink's remarkable reach.

There are two independent bus systems within TASLink: one to carry high speed data for interface and house keeping and QuietBus which only interfaces with the audio circuits. Unlike most micro controlled systems, QuietBus is only active when a command is sent and operates at very low data rates.  This keeps the audio circuits completely free of high speed digital and control related noise.


 424x428x99 (WxDxH)
 Size Including Connectors
 424x446x99 (WxDxH)
 Packaged Size
 590x610x250 (WxDxH)
 7.5 Kg
 Packaged Weight
 10 Kg
 Standby Power Consumption
 4 Watts
 Maximum Power Consumption
 35 Watts
 6 RCA Phono Sockets
 Input Impedance
 Greater Than 50KOhms
 Main Outputs
 2 RCA Phono Sockets
 Send (Tape) Outputs
 2 RCA Phono Sockets
 Output Impedance (Main)
 1K5 Ohms
 Frequency Response
 10Hz-30KHz +/- 0.5dB
 Gain (Inputs to Send Outputs)
 Gain (Inputs to Main Outputs)
 26dB +/- 1dB
 Film Gain (Inputs to Main Outputs)
 0dB +/- 1dB
 Less than 0.1% A Weighted at 1V output
 Phase correct (non inverting)



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