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Tellurium Q Graphite Speaker Cable 3.0 M (Factory Terminated)

Tellurium Q Graphite Speaker Cable 3.0 M (Factory Terminated)

"Best speaker cables I’ve ever heard”


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Tellurium Q Graphite Speaker Cable. Factory Terminated - Ex Demonstration

** Factory terminated by Tellurium with high quality WBT Banana Plugs for maximum performance

All Original Packaging

Tellurium Q's highest spec cable.Produced to out perform the highly acclaimed Ultra Black.

"Best speaker cables I’ve ever heard” HI Fi World March 2012 edition


"Frankly these are the best speaker cables I’ve ever heard”

The TCQ was able to identify distinct tonal differences while sweeping away the bass bloom that infected the track. Upper mids were also stripped of distortion that allowed the female vocals to shine with a fragile innocence. An added bonus was a general becalming to the peak limiting, once harsh tones fell to a slight upper mid hardening. 

 Generally, the amount of clarity that exuded from these cables opened up a swathe of new detail while enhancing current noises enough to force my ears into an aural double take.




When Tellurium Q came to the industry they re-defined cables and produced results that had to be heard to truly believe the achievement they had accomplished. The newly launched Graphite series completes that range with their highest standard of cable. If you want to hear the true essence of your music this cable won't disappoint. Designed to reduce it's musical footprint it allows your system to reproduce every note with no added elements or colouration. Simply put the graphite series ensures your cabling won't be the limiting factor in your system producing the ultimate music fidelity.

Now that the Graphite is here Tellurium Q have a cable that will let you know what your HiFi system is really capable of, and that means you can more enjoyment from your music collection which is what it is all really about, listening and enjoying more music  and with the Graphite in place you will never want to turn your music off, it's that addictive.






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