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Talk Cable 3 Speaker Cable (Terminated Banana)
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Talk Cable 3 Speaker Cable (Terminated Banana)

What HiFi May 2011 5 stars

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Talk Cable 3 Speaker Cable (Terminated with Talk 'Z' Banana Plugs)

Available in several lengths

The famous Cable Talk brand are back with a new range of cables under the ‘Talk Cables’ name. The ‘Talk 3’ speaker cable. This UK manufactured cable is  flexible and easy to install. It uses high purity OFC conductors which have a thin inner coating of a proprietary insulator called ‘TALKFlex’, which has similar electrical properties to PTFE but with a more flexible feel, better damping and easier stripping properties.


Given the price of this cable it performs admirably with bags of detail, dynamics and subtlety, while there’s a lovely expressive midrange and firm controlled bass too.. To sum up we have not heard a cable at this price anywhere as good



Constructed from high purity 2.5sq mm OFC copper cores that are sleeved with a thin inner coating of a specially produced, proprietary insulator called ‘TALKFlex’ with similar electrical properties to Teflon (trade mark acknowledged) but with a more flexible feel, better damping and easy stripping properties. The twin parallel cores are separated by a small internal spacer, to create a small amount of controlled inductance and the whole is covered with an oval dark green PVC jacket. The small amount of designed inductance has two benefits, one is to negate any capacitance that may be created by twisting, which in turn causes amplifier output stages to ring and the other is to act as an mild bandwidth filter to reduce any pickup of ever increasing amounts of RF in the environment.

We believe that this new speaker cable will follow in it’s predecessors foot steps and become the de facto standard for budget cables.


What HiFi May 2011 5 stars

" At 60%cheaper than the class leader, an essential first cable upgrade"

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