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Schnepel MK TV Stand
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Schnepel MK TV Stand

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Manufacturer:  Schnepel

Please note, as all Schnepel furniture is hand made, please allow 6-7 weeks for delivery of this item

Schnepel MK TV Stand

Please note due to the massive number of variations associated with this product, please click here to place an order

The Schnepel MK AV Unit is a fantastic piece of furniture with so many options to surprise and amaze you. This AV unit can serve as a TV stand or a sideboard. It is 1667mm wide with three storage compartments accessed by a flap. There are a range of customisable options which can enhance your life to such a huge degree.

Even without added extras the Schnepel MK AV Unit comes with some serious base options that are designed to make your life easier. The AV unit has high quality chrome inlays in the furniture’s mitre joints for an attractive and polished surface and all of the drawer finger pulls are chrome plated. Not that you have to worry, when the flaps and doors are self-retracting with integrated soft damping materials.

The high quality materials that go into this piece make it worth the money. Each module includes pull-out, adjustable shelves and adjustable levelling feet which can be modified from the inside of the storage unit to leave it level on almost any floor.

The standard power and AV management features are also immense. The Schnepel MK AV Unit includes an infrared distributor so that you can use your appliances via remote control even with the storage unit closed. There are two units of four each plug point stock strips integrated into the side walls of this furniture, giving you a whopping eight plug points as standard built into the unit! As with all Schnepel designs there is a cable management system. For the MK AV Unit the cable passage is chrome. Your cabling will pass invisible through the furniture, though a double rear wall and into cable passages that are accessed via the partition walls and under-floor compartments of the MK AV Unit.

This is a sturdy piece of furniture, weighing in at 75kg, and it shows in the load capacity. The top shelf of the Schnepel MK AV Unit can hold 90kg. The shelf tiers can hold 25kg each.

This is truly an ultra-customisable piece of furniture. You have so many choices for what to include in your new MK Closed AV Unit. The range includes many different features with customisable colour options!

The front is available in so many colours to match your choice of body for the S1 MK Closed AV Unit including:

Please click below to see available shelf finishes

  • High-gloss white
  • High-gloss black
  • High-gloss Cuba Libre
  • Oak, rough-hewn
  • Concrete look (Extra charge applies)
  • Real Slate (Extra charge applies)
  • Real Oak (Extra charge applies)
  • Pasadena (Extra charge applies)

Choose indirect lighting which can be controlled or dimmed by simply touching the MK Closed AV Unit’s chrome inlays. The lighting is available in any of the following colours:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue

Take the finish on your MK Closed AV Unit to another level with fabric covered face finishes designed to work with the integrated sound option. The fabric cover colours available are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red

Add an integrated sound system that connects to your media system via Bluetooth or USB devices and includes a charging function. The Schnepel sound system integration is designed to work with the fabric covered face finish option to give great sound even when the door to your AV unit is closed.

Include a remote controlled lift function to raise your TV up to ideal viewing height with just the press of a button. When you’re done, the TV vanishes into the AV unit, leaving the furniture surface pristine. This feature supports TV screens of a maximum 1294mm width and 30 kg, with further screen sizes available on request.

Why not include a chromium finish column to create a rotating and tilting TV stand on top of your MK Closed AV Unit? This column is controlled via remote control, and gives your TV a rotating range of 45 degrees on either side. This feature is available for TVs of a maximum 60” size and 55kg weight. The MK Closed AV Unit includes a safety unit on the rotating and tilting column to prevent any movement when the screen hits a hindrance to avoid damaging your TV if it’s placed too close to something.

Finally why not look at adding a self-retracting inner drawer? The optional drawer has integrated soft damping and is covered with a black felt insert. It has a load capacity of 40kg which means you’re not going to have any problems with storage in this piece of furniture.

This is a custom unit that is built specifically for you in the Schnepel factories. Please allow 6-7 weeks for delivery straight to your home.

The Schnepel S1 Range is a well-planned, modern furniture range for most homes. The finishes and extras included in this set of home AV furniture are stunning. We know you’ll be amazed by the options which include electronic lift systems and LED lighting. Schnepel has taken their extensive knowledge of designing high quality AV furniture and created a masterpiece of a range. Why not explore the rest of the S1 products and see which one is right for you?


  • Height: 510mm
  • Width: 1667mm
  • Depth: 482mm
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Colour: customisable with optional fabric face cover and chrome accents
  • In-built options include: indirect lighting, sound system, fabric covers, TV lift, rotating TV column, self-retracting inner drawer
  • Inner compartment height: 410mm
  • Inner compartment width: 510mm
  • Inner compartment depth: 430mm

TV and accessories are sold separately.

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