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PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage
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PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage

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PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage

PS Audio spent two years in R&D on their gain cell phono preamp, the GCPH. Built for the most demanding of audiophiles, the GCPH is first and foremost a great sounding phono preamp.

Mono Switch

There are so many great recordings in Mono, it's almost impossible not to end up with a few Mono LPs. Of course, the best way to play these back is with a Mono phono cartridge, but that can be expensive or technically challenging. The next best thing is a Mono switch. At the flick of a button, the GCPH cancels out all the stereo information, leaving only pristine Mono information. The center image pops into focus and backgrounds become shockingly quiet. The best part is, the GCPH makes it so easy to switch between Mono and Stereo there's no excuse not to buy those Mono LPs you've had your eye on.

Phase Switch

Phase inversion is perhaps one of the most common problems found in recordings, and can be found on all types of music from virtually every era in recorded history.  Phase inversion is where the absolute phase of the recording has been reversed, making the music sound "thinner" than it should and less focused. A simple press of the Phase button on the PS Audio GCPH restores correct absolute phase, allowing the recording to be heard as it was intended. 

RIAA Perfection

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated and overlooked aspects of phono preamp design is fidelity to the RIAA curve. Deviations from the RIAA curve inevitably change the tonal balance of the recording, distorting the original performance from its intended sound. PS Audio meticulously engineered the GCPH to track the RIAA curve faithfully. The GCPH is accurate to 1/10th of a dB across the entire curve, this high level of accuracy is evident in the GCPH's purity and tonal accuracy. 


Flexibility is a key feature in a phono preamp; the ability to change gain and impedance allows much greater choice when it comes to selecting a cartridge. The GCPH makes it easy to switch both, via switches on the rear. There's no fiddling with tiny jumpers, soldering of resistors or incomprehensible and convoluted choices.  The knobs on the rear offer coarse control of both gain and impedance, the front gain cell control allows for fine gain adjustments to get the setting exactly right.

Gain Cell Technology

PS Audio’s very clever and proprietary gain cell technology allows the GCPH to vary the gain of the circuit, much like a gas pedal on a car allows direct control of the engine’s power. This is one of the coolest aspects of the GCPH, the actual output of the circuit can be varied without losing transparency or acoustic power. Thanks to the Gain Cell, the GCPH can be easily level-matched with all the other sources in the system, or be used to drive a power amp directly for a very simple all-analog system, or drive very long cable runs to a preamp with negligible loss. PS Audio's Gain Cell Technology makes the GCPH one of the most versatile phono preamps we've ever used.

Power Supply

PS Audio takes power delivery very seriously. Whether it’s power from the wall or the current inside their audio components, PS Audio believes that power makes or breaks a component. The GCPH has been given a massively over-built, dual-mono high performance power supply; complete with toroidal transformers, banks of capacitors and highly regulated voltage supplies. The power supply in the GCPH has been designed to effortlessly supply any demands your analog rig might make. Whether you use the balanced or the single ended outputs, an ultra-low output MC cartridge or a very high-output MM cartridge, the GCPH's power supply delivers gobs of current, quickly, efficiently and most importantly, noiselessly.

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