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Dynamics and openness are breathtaking. 

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Manufacturer:  PS Audio


PS Audio Perfectwave Powerbase

  • Available in black or silver

The power that comes out of your home’s wall socket is unregulated, weak and prone to distortion.

The PerfectWave PowerBase is a new product concept combining an isolation base and a power conditioner together in one elegant, component level product.

The need for both vibration control and clean power has been well established over many years yet, until the introduction of the PowerBase concept, no single engineered solution has effectively addressed both for high end audio equipment.

Place any piece of audio or video equipment on the PowerBase and enjoy all the benefits of improved performance due to lowered mechanical vibrations as well as power line noise reduction.

The PowerBase features a double mechanical vibration isolation system as well as a “one-way gate” electrical isolation filter that keeps power line noises from the wall out of connected equipment and internally generated electrical noises from reaching the wall power.

Complete vibration control

By combining both the mechanical vibration reduction system and our tuned masking system in the PowerBase, the audible results are immediately obvious. Noticeably improved separation of instruments and voices from within the soundstage as well as a clear reduction of smearing and grunge in the music gives a new level of clarity and musicality rarely achieved with equipment in the same room as the loudspeakers.


Power isolation

Even the most exotic vibration control systems lack effective power cleaning facilities built into them and require additional chassis, power cables and clutter in the system to achieve effective power isolation and cleansing.

AC power problems are inherent in both the wall voltage as well as the equipment itself. What’s needed to improve the power is an effective one-way-gate that reduces power line differential and common mode noises and distortions at the source. The closer to the equipment, the shorter the connecting power cable between the equipment and the power filter, the better the sound quality of the system.

PS engineers designed a new low impedance passive common and differential mode filter that’s built right into the PowerBase. Using large core magnetics and heavy gauge, low turn OFC windings, reductions of power line noise greater than 40dB can be achieved. The results are like a breath of fresh air to your system.



Power Plants and conditioners on the PowerBase

While it may be intuitively obvious that source equipment, turntables, CD players, DACS and power amplifiers would benefit from the PowerBase it may not be quite as obvious that a power conditioner or Power Plant can equally benefit.

In fact, the first work on the PowerBase was with a P10 Power Plant sitting atop it. Power Plants and power conditioners are just as prone to passing on induced vibrations from the loudspeakers because they, like all electronics, are also microphonic. Reducing vibration levels as well as adding back effective masking noise to power products has the same beneficial improvements enjoyed by source and control equipment.

And Power Plants also add back their share of power line noises as well. It’s important to remember that a Power Plant is a large power amplifier and kicks back its share of differential mode line noise when its asked to regenerate new power to connected equipment.

Placing a Power Plant or power conditioner on the PowerBase and powering them through the PPB’s one-way-gate filter is an effective way to gain a new openness to the sound your system produces.

Together, they improve everything in the system

By lowering mechanical vibrations, adding effective masking techniques to the induced vibrations and providing an effective one-way gate for the AC power going into units, the PowerBase improves just about every piece of gear placed and powered by it.


Mains Voltage 90 to 270V at 50 or 60Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 432mm x 70mm x 356mm (with feet)
Weight - Item 12.2 KG

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