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Nitty Gritty 2.5fi-XP Record Cleaning Machine
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Nitty Gritty 2.5fi-XP Record Cleaning Machine

The only machine available that allows you to quickly use multiple fluids. Dual pump

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Manufacturer:  Nitty Gritty


Nitty Gritty 2.5fi-XP Record Cleaning Machine

The Best Way To Clean Your Records With Multiple Fluids! 

  • Available in Beautiful Cherry (shown below) or Oak cabinets

This versatile, dual-pump record cleaning machine dispenses two separate fluids interchangeably as the record automatically rotates during the scrub and vacuum cycles.

It's designed for use with the Nitty Gritty Pure 1 and Pure 2 cleaning solutions, for 78 and 33/45rpm discs respectively. You can also use a variety of other cleaning solutions and rinsing agents with either reservoir.

If you use multi-step cleaners, such as an enzyme cleaner and a separate rinse, Nitty Gritty's 2.5Fi-XP is just what you're looking for.  With two separate resevoirs for fluids and  auto-rotation of the disc, the 2.5Fi-XP is simple and effective.

The 2.5Fi-XP uses Nitty Gritty's proprietary record support system, which keeps the grooves from making contact with the platter, ensuring debris will never transfer back the the freshly cleaned side.

Available in either a natural oak or cherry-finish oak, these are gorgeous real wood finishes, not a vinyl wrap.

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