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Tellison - The Wages of Fear Vinyl LP
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Tellison - The Wages of Fear Vinyl LP

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Tellison - The Wages of Fear Vinyl LP

West London's cult alt-indie four piece Tellison return with their sophomore album The Wages Of Fear. A bible of bruises, literary split lips and the kind of shiver-inducing depth of feeling you haven't experienced since you first heard Bruce Springsteen.

Recorded in one frantic month in an old textile mill owner's house in the Scottish Borders and then obsessively poured over and added to over months in a Hammersmith basement kitchen, Tellison fly the flag for British bands with a fierce unashamed intelligence, compelling honesty and the kind of teeth-bared, old-fashioned fight that ‘real' bands seem to lack these days.

After critical acclaim for the bands first long player Contact! Contact!and requests to play shows with Biffy Clyro, Hot Club de Paris, Johnny Foreigner and Noah And The Whale, Tellison wrote and rewrote the songs that would become The Wages Of Fear with only one goal: to make a record better than their first, more complete and more affecting.

The Wages Of Fear in an overall sense is autobiographical. It deals with the frustrations of being in a band as the music industry burns all around like an oil field in the night, with the beginnings and deteriorations of fragile relationships, with the dull longing and search for a sense of order within life that seems so clear in works of art and finally with the abject fear of failure and quiet, aching worry over time wasted and the urgently finite nature of a human life.


Track Listings 

1. Get On
2. Say Silence (Heaven & Earth)
3. Know Thy Foe
4. Collarbone
5. Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart 
6. Horses
7. Rapture
8. Tell It To Thebes
9. Letters From Pre-Med
10. Vermont
11. My Wife's Grave Is In Paris 

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