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Get The Blessing - OCDC Vinyl LP
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Get The Blessing - OCDC Vinyl LP

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Get The Blessing  - OCDC Vinyl LP 

OC DC once again finds Get The Blessing elbowing their way out of easy categorisation. The Bristol-based four-piece have deftly ploughed their jazzy post-rock furrow since the release of their debut All Is Yes back in 2008, drawing enthusiastic comparisons to similarly inventive acts like Tortoise and Polar Bear. The follow-up, 2009's Bugs In Amber, cemented their affable rapport with critics and fans alike, and further defied the boundaries and boxes that were placed around them - the Metro claimed in its glowing review that, "Occasionally you hear a jazz album that you know would shift truckloads of units if only it weren't labelled ‘jazz'. Bugs In Amber is just such a disc."

Drummer Clive Deamer and bassist Jim Barr have long provided the low-end rumbles and stuttering beats for trip-hop legends Portishead, and Deamer has recently been recruited by none other than Radiohead as their second live drummer for 2012 (he's also an established partner of Robert Plant, Roni Size, Hawkwind, Jeff Beck and several other contemporary luminaries). Not that the rest of the band are worried. "They are borrowing Clive in the hope that it will make them sound like Get The Blessing," says Barr with a smile; "No chance!"

With guest turns from Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley as well as Robert Wyatt, and influences including astronomy, psychology, Borges, and food, OC DC grabs the listener by the lapels and sets off joyously once more into the sonic wilderness. To further explore Get The Blessing's fascinating and idiosyncratic musical world...

Track Listings

1. OC DC
2. Americano Meccano
3. Torque
4. Adagio In Wot Minor
5. Between Fear and Sex
6. The Waiting
7. Low Earth Orbit
8. Pentopia 

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