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Musical Fidelity M6 SDAC
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Musical Fidelity M6 SDAC

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Manufacturer:  Musical Fidelity



Musical Fidelity M6 SDAC Digital to Analogue Converter

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The M6 SDAC is true state-of-the-art: it uses the renowned ESS DAC chip, 3 x Coax inputs, 3 x Optical Inputs, 1 x USB input. All inputs are upsampled and re-clocked to 32bit/768kHz resolution in the DSD domain. Through the appropriate input it will accept up to 32/384 and DSD.
The built in headphone amp is ultra high quality, low impedance output, high current, low distortion....just the sort of amplifier that headphones dream of being connected to! It also has remote control and fixed or variable output. It can become a digital preamp, control unit.

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