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Meridian Media Source 600
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Meridian Media Source 600

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Manufacturer:  Meridian

Meridian Media Source 600 - Reference Audio End Point

An audio endpoint for a single Meridian Sooloos zone, the Meridian Media Source 600 is designed to make it simple to integrate Meridian Sooloos in to any music or media system through a host of high-quality analogue and digital audio connections.

Linked to a Meridian Sooloos network, Media Source 600 delivers a full suite of Meridian’s audio enhancement technologies, ensuring it always performs as a source of the highest possible sound quality in any type of audio system.

Featuring an entirely new industrial design, Media Source 600 is handassembled in Meridian’s Cambridgeshire factory and finished using glass and bead-blasted, naturally anodised silver aluminium. From any of the finished surfaces it is impossible to see a single fixing or screw, creating an elegantly
smooth finish.


Digital output connections, including S/PDIF and Meridian SpeakerLink, mean that Media Source 600 can be connected to digital surround receivers or standalone D/A converters or, for the ultimate in performance, directly with a pair of Meridian’s DSP Loudspeakers.

Media Source 600 is a simple yet high-performance way to add the rich user experience of Meridian Sooloos to any existing hi-fi system, bringing with it all of your digital music, internet radio and Rhapsody (where available). An audio endpoint for a single Meridian Sooloos zone with high-quality analogue and digital output connectivity; connects Meridian Sooloos to any hi-fi, audio or music system.

Simple to use and easy to control, Media Source 600 can be managed from any Control on the Sooloos network including wirelessly from the free Sooloos iPhone/iPad app.

Designed and manufactured by Meridian, Media Source 600 is crafted using authentic, natural materials – aluminium and glass – and is assembled by hand to ensure the best finish quality. Whether using a single Media Source 600 for a one-zone system or multiple units to build a multi-zone system, Media Source 600 is network-configured automatically via DHCP.

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