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Melco N1ZH60 Music Library
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Melco N1ZH60 Music Library

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Manufacturer:  Melco


Handcrafted in Japan. The Melco N1ZH60 is a high resolution digital music library with audio grade 2 x 3TB hard drives appreciated by audiophiles.

Melco N1ZH60 Music Library

  • Available in Black or Silver

MELCO, the audiophile division of leading Japanese computer peripheral company Buffalo Technology, has announced the launch of the N1ZH60 Digital Music Library.

Based on the same platform as the rangetopping N1Z, the N1ZH60 employs 2 x 3TB high performance HDDs and medical-grade dual power supplies to create a more affordable model offering the same high-quality performance characteristics as the flagship. Whether requiring playback of music over a network or when combined with a DAC for USB audio, the N1ZH60 is the perfect environment for audiophiles to store and access their valuable digital music.

With digital audio files becoming the stable music content for audiophiles, having a reliable storage solution has become the essential component in any HiFi system. The range of MELCO Digital Music Libraries was introduced for this very reason, giving users a significantly higher-quality option over the off-theshelf NAS drives normally employed for the task.

Designed from the ground up as an audiophile Digital Source Component, each player can be used either as a network-enabled drive feeding an Ethernet connected streaming player via the dedicated ‘Player’ LAN connection or linked to a DAC for USB playback. The Melco Digital Music Library is designed to be simple to setup and use, offering very simple Music backup, easy expansion, and simple import of Music from other sources including automated high resolution music downloads directly to the Melco with no need for Computers in the process.

The Melco N1ZH60 Music Library gives digital music lovers the benefits of the first storage system optimised for high resolution audio. Designed from the outset as an Audiophile component it is bristling with Audiophile credentials  – even the basic design architecture is unique to the application of High Resolution Digital Music playback. Incorporating the unique Melco Direct Streaming Music format, all systems using network players benefit from improved sound quality and a better user experience, free from IT-industry peripherals.

The digital audio file has now become the most important and highest quality audio source, with files similar to SACD or CD.  To support this trend, various high end audio players now support UPnP / DLNA streaming.  Unlike SACD or CD, audio streaming requires integration with a NAS (Network Storage) device that needs to be carefully designed for low noise, power stabilisation and functionality.  The team of engineers at Buffalo did just that: designed a NAS specifically as a High Resolution Digital Music Library with the name Melco.  The resultant players deliver the high standard of user experience and audio file quality that one would insist upon when choosing superior audio equipment.

Hand-crafted in Japan.

Performance enhancement of the award-winning MelcoN1A:

  • Medical industry grade dual power supply units
  • Dual high-quality capacitor bank
  • Symmetrically designed H-Cross frame
  • Think Aluminum panels
  • 2 x 3TB Hard-drives with floating mechanism


  • Dedicated LAN port for Player (Streamer) connectivity - optimum data integrity and simple setup.
  • Light-piped Ethernet ports - complete electrical isolation totally removing possibility of interference and noise.
  • Separated power supply circuitry for LAN ports - isolates the LAN function from all electrical disturbances
  • Double power supplies - separate power functions for LAN and USB / HDD / System management .
  • Audio-grade ultra-low jitter data clock - eliminates any possibility of data jitter at source
  • Dual high grade power supplies. N1ZH – 30W x 2, separate supplies for external data interfaces means no pollution of sensitive internal data and clock supplies Audiophile grade capacitor bank for absolute stable supplies


  • Ethernet Port - 2x light-piped
  • 3x USB 3.0 at rear
  • 2x medical grade Power 30W
  • 6TB (2x3TB) harddrive, Striping 
  • 5mm-7mm thick Aluminium casing 
  • NDK Ultra low jitter
  • Dimension: 350x65x370 mm
  • Weight: 7 Kg / 15.5 lbs


  • 2 x 3TB HDD high capacity drives mounted in carefully tuned anti-vibration mounts

  • Dual Medical grade power supply units for electrical noise isolation
  • Dual high-quality capacitor bank and multiple regulators to further improve stability and immunity from power supply variations
  • Symmetrically designed H-Cross frame with superior screening of all components and mechanical stability
  • Heavy anodised non-magnetic aluminium panels

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