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Bryston BDP1-USB Digital Music Player
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Bryston BDP1-USB Digital Music PlayerBryston BDP1-USB Digital Music PlayerBryston BDP1-USB Digital Music Player

Bryston BDP1-USB Digital Music Player

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Manufacturer:  Bryston


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Bryston BDP1-USB Digital Music Player

Bryston's BDP-1USB draws on the sonic superiority of its original digital player, the BDP-1, but narrows its focus to todays best USB digital to analog converters. By offering only USB audio out, USB DAC owners don't pay for expensive high-end audio circuitry DACs which traditional audio outputs require.

The BDP-1USB can play bit-perfect PCM and DSD tracks at resolutions up to 192kHz / 24 bit and DSD over PCM (DoP) up to DSD-64 rates respectively. The four on-board USB inputs can each be used to connect to USB storage or a DAC. The BDP-1USB can also access your music library stored on an NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Many advances in hardware and software contribute to the exceptional sound quality of the unit. Our custom operating system is optimized for audio playback and is free from extraneous software which can steal processor cycles and system memory otherwise used for audio playback. The hardware is optimum. Typical digital music players use noisy switch mode power supplies that can inject high frequency noise into high speed digital signals. Bryston builds a robust linear power supply with a toroidal transformer that supplies the unit with exceptionally well regulated power and extremely low radiated noise.


EXCELLENCE in digital playback is a cost-no-object endeavor, but expense in engineering should not demand unnecessary features. If your digital-to-analog converter features only a USB input, or USB is the best sounding way to connect your source, choose Bryston’s BDP-1USB.
SOUND QUALITY When used with a USB DAC the expensive custom audiophile sound card found in our BDP-2 serves no purpose. The BDP-1USB eliminates this cost and saves you money with no sound quality penalty. The system is powered by a noiseless linear power supply which will not pollute the delicate digital audio path or your AC mains. It can also comfortably manage complex music libraries of up to 30,000 tracks stored on either locally connected USB drives or your home NAS.
FEATURES A vast array of features such as UPnP compatibility, Squeezebox® emulation, DoP (DSD over PCM), and more are all built in to our intuitive and attractive firmware accessible from practically all web browsers.
CONTROL Comfortably control your BDP-1USB from your chair using Android or iOS tablets and mobile phones using our built-in interface or your choice of many 3rd party apps.
You just discovered the perfect partner for your USB DAC. Hear the most engaging musical experience possible—Bryston’s new BDP-1USB.


Linear Power Supply - not switching common to computers and other digital music players
4 USB inputs/outputs any of which can be used to connect mass storage or Digital to Analog Converter
Back bottom USB provides high current for large capacity buss powered hard drives
Fast Ethernet 100mbps connectivity to network Connect to music stored on NAS
UPnP/DLNA Client, Server, Renderer availability Large library support up to 30,000 tracks Gapless playback
Intuitive Graphical User Interface accessible by virtually all web-browsers including on mobile devices.
Support for FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV, MP3, and a huge variety of other audio formats
Seamless control with iOS, Android, or other mobile devices
Bit perfect digital audio playback Compatible with Asynchronous USB DACs
DSD over PCM (DoP) playback with compatible DACs 5 year parts and labor warranty


Available with silver or black faceplate
17” or 19” faceplate available (non-rack mountable)
BR2 remote control available (see Accessories in Other Products)

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