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PS Audio P3 Power Plant Mains Regenerator
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PS Audio P3 Power Plant Mains Regenerator

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PS Audio's most affordable full function Power Plant, without any compromises

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Regenerated Power is what separates Power Conditioners from Power Plants.

PS Audio P3 Power Plant Mains Regenerator

The power that comes out of your home’s wall socket is unregulated, weak and prone to distortion.

Bring back the magic locked away in your system and have it sound just as great day or night with a P3 Power Plant.

Inserting a standard power conditioner only makes that situation worse.  Power Plants take the raw power from the wall, convert it to DC and then regenerate new power that’s regulated, distortion free and powerful.

Even though the best equipment has power supply regulation built in, your utility company isn’t helping you. You need good, stable, reliable AC mains, but unfortunately the power coming into your home is distorted, dirty, unregulated and deteriorating the performance of your system. Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore. PS Audio's Power Plant P3 AC regenerator takes the power you're given from the utility, converts it to DC, and then with patented PS Audio technology, regenerates and amplifies new sine-wave-perfect, high current AC power. New high current, ultra low distortion AC power created by Power Plant technology delivers stunning performance from your audio and video components. You can then plug bigger amps or subwoofers into the P3's two high-current filtered and protected zone outlets for up to 1750 watts of clean power.



With your system powered directly from the output of the P3, dynamics and openness are unquestioned.  A Power Plant is clearly one of the most important pieces of audio equipment you can own – building a firm and reliable foundation for your system that will serve you for years to come.

"I heard a greater degree of transparency from bottom to top. The bass became more taut and articulate, the midrange had more of a see-through immediacy combined with musical sweetness and the treble was more distinct and less hazy It seemed that selecting the Multiwave function made the system's bass even more solid and improved the holography of the soundstage by increasing its apparent depth. The Clincher: What really drove home the P3's impact in my system was the improved fine detailing and sometimes shocking dynamic contrasts coming through on my turntable system. So once again I am living by my own advice and buying the PS Audio P3 Power Plant for use in my large-room reference system."
– Frank Alles, Stereo Times




  • 750 VA  output
  • Surge protection
  • Spike protection
  • Regulated output voltage
  • Lowers distortion by ten times
  • Built in Boulder
  • Whisper cooling fan
  • 100% regenerated AC
  • Two filtered High Current outlets
  • Control over the web or network
  • Adjustable output voltage
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makes a difference with my Stax 009 headphones
Tuesday, 29 March 2016  | 

This is a great bit of kit, and I couldn't get over how heavy it felt when I removed it from the box. You can see inside the top grill and they are using some really hefty transformers inside.

I have only got it but I noticed my mains was fluctuating between 234 and 238V and it ensures that your gear gets a solid 240V. I attached the Stax SRM717 and Stax 009 to the regenerator along with the Astell and Kern AK380 in copper with the optional dock I ordered in from China with balanced XLR outputs. The total drain from the amplifier and the AK380 was around 40% of the regenerators capability.

As such I wouldn't recommend this device to pair up with a high demand power amplifier as they claim the maximum rated Volt demand should not exceed 900 in the UK (not watts demand, V demand). This means I cannot use my Blue Hawaii SE with the unit sadly as it has a voltage swing up to 1600V peak-to-peak. I haven't checked the more expensive models in their range, but i would imagine the P10 will be up to the job.

Still overall, a great investment for less demanding amplifiers and other components. it stabilises the power to a solid 240V and helps increase the inky black silence during quiet passages.

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