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IsoTek Evo3 Sigmas 6 Socket Mains Conditioner
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 IsoTek Evo3 Sigmas 6 Socket Mains ConditionerIsoTek Evo3 Sigmas 6 Socket Mains Conditioner 

IsoTek Evo3 Sigmas 6 Socket Mains Conditioner

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Manufacturer:  Isotek


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IsoTek Evo3 Sigmas 6 Socket Mains Conditioner

The new enhanced EVO3 version of IsoTek’s award-winning Sigmas power conditioner delivers major advances 

IsoTek – the game-changing brand of mains conditioning solutions for enhanced hi-fi and home cinema performance – has unveiled its successor to the award-winning GII Sigmas: the EVO3 Sigmas. Mains electricity is distorted by, and gathers noise from, a variety of influencing factors which constrain the performance of electronic components. For more than a decade, IsoTek has produced standard-setting solutions designed to filter and distribute the mains supply and deliver pure, refined power that optimises and protects valuable audio and audio-visual systems.

Like the GII Sigmas, the new EVO3 version is a six-way mains conditioning unit. It combines into a single chassis IsoTek’s unique Direct-Coupled© technology from the company’s award-winning Titan designed for power-hungry amplifiers, subwoofers and the like, with the Adaptive Gating© technology of the well-respected Nova, optimised for front-end source components and preamplifiers. Benefitting from eight years of IsoTek’s research and development programme since the launch of the original GII version, the EVO3 Sigmas delivers significant advances - notably a massive a ten-fold improvement in both common mode and differential mode mains noise filtering. Conditioning without compromise The key challenge of a specialist mains conditioner is to eliminate noise without 
compromising either the power of high-current amplifiers or the clarity and definition of medium-current components.

The EVO3 Sigmas’ two high-current outlets feature IsoTek’s Direct-Coupled© technology, which provides optimal high-current low impedance filtering while fully maintaining the transient and dynamic performance of power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers or subwoofers. Its four medium-current outlets feature a vastly increased 10A capacity. This, along with IsoTek’s unique proprietary Adaptive Gating© technology which auto-senses and adapts to the current draw of the load, enables the use of a wider range of electronic devices, from audiophile components to home cinema plasma screens, projectors and media centres. 

Six power conditioners in one box A further new addition for the EVO3 version is KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path), a technology specifically developed for IsoTek’s EVO3 generation of products. KERP ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery to all outlets, providing a pure, coherent signal path through the unit with no interference from one socket to the next.

Not only will the EVO3 Sigmas filter out incoming common mode and differential mode noise, but it will also stop cross-contamination between connected audio and AV components. Due to the unique internal wiring, no two outlets are connected together. Every single outlet has its own dedicated filter network, each of which functions independently, effectively operating as six power conditioners in one box. The EVO3 Sigmas’ internal wiring has been upgraded to IsoTek’s newly-developed UP-OCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast) high purity copper solid core internal wire, which is silver plated before being insulated with Teflon. A fine Teflon strand is wound helically around the wire before a secondary Teflon tube is extruded over the top, creating an air gap between wire and insulating tube and forming an air dielectric which has virtually no capacitance ensuring an exceptionally vivid performance. The printed circuit board features 24-carat gold-plated 2oz copper for improved reliability and signal transfer

The EVO3 Sigmas also guards against the effects of power spikes and surges, featuring a whopping 108,000A of instantaneous protection. IsoTek’s unique advanced protection system uses a pyramid array of VDR (voltage dependant resistor) devices that deliver superior protection and react more aggressively as a fault becomes more dangerous.

A cost-effective full system upgrade, the Sigmas comes supplied with an IsoTek EVO3 Premier mains lead free of charge.

“The original GII Sigmas was universally praised for taking many of the technological breakthroughs from the Titan and Nova systems and bringing them together in a more affordable, convenient, but still high-performance one-box solution,” says Keith Martin, IsoTek’s founder and managing director. “The new EVO3 version realises that same aim, but takes the technology to a much-enhanced level. The results are striking. While created with high quality audio replay in mind, the EVO3 Sigmas is also designed to meet the exacting demands of increased use of electrical devices - from wifi networks and data streaming to extensive home media centres. In short, it represents an extremely cost-effective way to upgrade the performance of your whole system.” 


key features:

• Removes both common mode and differential mode mains noise. 

• RFI (radio frequency interference) reduction 75dB. 

• 108,000A of instantaneous protection. 

• Two high-current outlets incorporate IsoTek’s Direct-Coupled© circuit to deliver 

low impedance power with a maximum continuous output of 3,680W. 

• Four medium-current outlets, rated at 10A, feature IsoTek’s unique Adaptive 

Gating© circuit, which auto-senses the connected electronics and provides the 

optimal level of conditioning required at a maximum 2,300W of continuous power. 

• Six unique conditioning stages ensure optimal isolation between each outlet, 

eliminating differential mode cross-contamination. 

• KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) technology ensures equal resistance 

and equal power delivery to all outlets, with no interference from one socket to 

the next. 

• Internal wiring: solid core silver-plated UP-OCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous 

Cast) wire with Teflon VAD (virtual air dielectric) technology. 

• Available with UK, EU, US, Australian




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