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True Colours (TCI) Temple Constrictor Mains Block
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True Colours (TCI) Temple Constrictor Mains Block

These mains blocks are designed to block the radio frequency interference common in our homes, bringing you untampered with audio signals through your equipment

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Manufacturer:  True Colours Industries


The TCI Temple Constrictor comes as standard with 1.0m Temple Constrictor cable attached

True Colours (TCI) Temple Constrictor Mains Block 

TCI Temple Constrictor features 16 cores of PTFE insulated silver-plated copper and one 2.5mm PVC insulated copper earth wire. The conductors are PTFE insulated in a braided configuration and sleeved in halogen-free polyolefin insulation being finally wrapped with tough but flexible polyester braid. It is constructed of flame-retardant materials making it ideal for permanent installation. It has a thicker cross-sectional area and a larger amount of silver making it capable of carrying twice the current of TCI Baby Constrictor and features twice the RFI filtering of a TCI Constrictor ensuring it has a lower noise floor. Resolving much more detail and tighter bass information it provides a larger and more precise sound stage.

- 16 x PTFE insulated SP-OFC conductors for exemplary current transfer
- Braided construction for first-class RF rejection and filtering
- Polyolefin outer insulation with external polyester braid for abrasion resistance
- Rhodium plated 13A mains plug & TCI IEC plug with sprung contacts
- Designed, hand made and finished in the UK.


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