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Lehmann Audio Black Cube Twin Phono Stage

Lehmann Audio Black Cube Twin Phono Stage

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Lehmann Audio Black Cube Twin Phono Stage

Phono stages by Lehmann audio have been highly acclaimed for years by audiophiles and reviewers around the world. Many analog oriented audiophiles have two turntables or two tonearms and therefore need two phono stages. The Black Cube Twin gives you full flexibility of two complete phono stages! 

The unit consists of two identical audio boards powered by one PWX power supply. Listeners confirm that the performance of the Black Cube Twin equals that of two single Black Cubes SE. The same fast attack response and stability of sonic images and the same accurate soundstage reproduction in a bargain package. 

This is the result of a superior concept realized by means of only high quality electronic parts of well known manufacturers. Both audio boards remain connected to the power supply and you need two line level inputs to fully connect the Black Cube Twin. 

Features & Specifications:


  • Two complete Black Cube audio boards separately and fully adjustable from underneath the unit!
  • Special operational amplifiers for low noise amplification of 40dB (MM) and 61dB (>factor 1000 for MC).
  • Passive RIAA network with WIMA foil capacitors
  • All electrolytic capacitors on the audio board are low ESR Panasonic types
  • Impedances switchable: 47 kOhms, 470 Ohms, 100 Ohms, 80 Ohms. Input capacitance: 100pF. One slot for the solder free installation of a custom impedance on board. No expensive impedance plugs needed.
  • Output impedance: less than 100 Ohms
  • Gold plated RCA connectors (audio) and gold plated Neutrik XLR connectors (power supply)
  • Cases of audio section and PWX: aluminium with mechanical resonance absorption in the top cover
  • Two separate ground connectors


  • 30VA toroidal transformer with separate isolation coil
  • Ultra fast rectifier diodes
  • High quality electrolytic capacitors
  • Low noise voltage regulators
  • Shielded cable between audio section and power supply




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