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Keith Monks Discovery One Classic Record Cleaning Machine
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Keith Monks Discovery One Classic Record Cleaning Machine

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Keith Monks Discovery One - Classic Record Cleaning Machine


NEW discOveryOne from Keith Monks, inventor of the original electric Record Cleaning Machine, brings the record cleaning quality so prized by the BBC, the US Library of Congress and the British Library National Sound Archive among others, in an easier and more affordable package.
Vinyl record sales are growing worldwide and more enthusiasts together with younger people are finding, or experiencing again, that vinyl records deliver music and emotion that many playback systems seem to have missed. Pre-owned records are a fabulous source of music at often very attractive prices and possesing a record cleaner is ideal for restoring the best performance. Cleaning also improves the performance from new records as it removes the excessive mold release agent frequently left after manufacture.
Keith and Jon both agreed on two key issues of record cleaning: Firstly the record must be cleaned efficiently without over stripping the vinyl of its natural plasticizers and secondly the experience must be pleasurable. Jon's new design has stayed faithful to these original vital concepts while adding and enhancing a few of his own.
Cleaning is a simple process of applying cleaning fluid and cleaning brush manually in the case of the standard model or using the Mini Cooper washer pump and classic Keith Monks precision wash system in the discOveryOne Classic. In both cases the cleaning fluid is fresh and previously unused for each record and the contact with the record during the precision vacuuming process is by a virgin piece of thread ensuring no contamination from previous records.
The cleaner must be quiet enough to allow a record to be enjoyed while another is cleaning. Without this simple and obvious feature, record cleaning becomes a chore and fewer records are cleaned. The discOveryOne is the quietest electric record cleaner (37dB C weighted 1metre).
So the obvious question is: if this Record Cleaner has all the features and benefits of the significantly more expensive professional version why will anyone buy the pro version? It’s a simple answer: Duty Cycle and speed. The professional versions are faster and designed and built to be able to be used all-day and every day, if required, in the sort of environments that don’t exist in enthusiasts’ homes. discOveryOne is, perhaps, best described as high-end consumer: designed for hours of everyday use in the home, its built in protection systems preventing overuse. It can be left to shut itself off after each dry cycle.

The more affordable discOvery One Record Cleaning Machine gets a Five Star review in the March 2014 edition of Hi-Fi Choice magazine. This is great news for any serious vinyl fan because, as David Price observes, "a cleaned disc plays better, regardless of how dirty it was (or not) pre-ablutions" and "if it was in a bad way, the improvement will be dramatic". And clear to hear: "It makes for a brighter, tighter, more focused sound with greater grip and power on the bass".

The discOvery One offers pretty well all the performance of the other Keith Monks machines but at around half the price – make no mistake, this represents serious value for money. And the results are clear to hear: "It makes for a brighter, tighter, more focused sound with greater grip and power on the bass".


The discOvery One may be half the price of the established KM models but this is no 'budget' product. Savings have been made in sensible ways to reduce costs without compromising performance. So rather than using the bespoke turntable of the Omni and Classic models, the discOvery One utilises an adapted Technices SL-1200, famed for its robust construction. This means that the new model rotates at 33rpm compared to the 80rpm of the established ones, meaning that cleaning takes a little longer. But this also helps to make the unit quieter and, as Price observes, this means that the"new cheaper design doesn’t work any less well". Indeed, he concludes that the new version "gives you almost all of the performance of the company’s more expensive machines, but at a far more affordable price" and ends: "Every serious collector should have one.


  • Tried and trusted technique from the originators of electric record cleaning
  • Quietest ever electric record cleaner (37dB, C weighted, 1 metre)
  • Very simple and intuitive to use
  • Original Keith Monks Point Suction Precision Clean vacuum system
  • Whisper quiet medical grade diaphragm suction pump – a compact version of the BBC specification vacuum pump.
  • Classic Keith Monks precision wash system with Mini Cooper wash pump (discOveryOne Classic)
  • Automatic functions including auto off
  • Engineered for long life and reliability
  • Every drop of fluid removed by powerful vacuum arm
  • Fresh, unused, uncontaminated cleaning fluid for every record
  • Fresh, unused, uncontaminated contact with machine for every record
  • SuperSilent professional direct drive turntable
  • Automatic thread reel out
  • Dry cycle semi-automatic process
  • Auto shutdown if the waste container is full.
  • Designed for All size records to a maximum of 12 Inch LP's
  • Single Manually Operated brush system 
  • Built-in fluid application system and deck mounted Austin Mini Cooper hand pump for precise fluid application
  • Heavy duty medical grade vacuum pump, won't  overheat during long cleaning cycles
  • Direct drive turntable motor 
  • Unique vacuum arm design with precision bearings for smooth traverse across the record
  • Unique nozzle design does not touch the record surface, buffer cotton cord system
  • Professional rugged and practical casework 
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Fluid, adaptors and accessories available to order seperately


Sizes & Weights 

Dimensions (W x H x D): 489mm (19.25" ) x 393mm (15 .5") x 462mm (18.2") 

Weight: 32kgs (70Ibs) 

Above dimensions are approximate for an unpacked unit with lid cover fitted. Allow additional clearance to depth for the power cable outlet

Power cable with iec Plug

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Keith Monks Cleaning Machine
Saturday, 2 July 2016  | 

Excellent vinyl cleaning machine.
Analogue Seduction also provides excellent service.
Highly recommended

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