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HiFiMAN HM802S Digital Music Player
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HiFiMAN HM802S Digital Music PlayerHiFiMAN HM802S Digital Music PlayerHiFiMAN HM802S Digital Music Player

HiFiMAN HM802S Digital Music Player

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Manufacturer:  HiFiMAN

HiFiMAN HM802s Digital Music Player

Excellence at its Finest 

1. Each channel is equipped with one WM8740 DAC chip for its unique qualities. The result renders high-end and premium sound quality. 

2. Using Line Out Output as the source when connected to the amplifier produces performance that rivals more expensive and bulkier desktop amplifiers. 

3. Interchangeable amp cards, cables and compatibility with the HM901S dock pro-vides for maximum convenience. 

4. Two pairs of dual-voltage solution without coupling capacitors helps eliminate noise from the power-supply to further improve the sound quality. 

Advanced Step Potentiometer FOR VOLUME CONTROL

The patented step analog volume control is designed for precise control and accurate channel balance (with less than 0 001 in errors). The resistors in both channels of the step potentiometer are painstakingly paired to ensure that they are functionally identical. This results in excellent channel balance and soundstage. 

Furthermore, in order to drive ear-phones of high sensitivity, HIFIMAN's Advanced Step Potentiometer has a better and smarter gradual attenuation design, particularly at low volumes. This helps avoid inconsistent volume levels and channel imbalance when increasing or decreasing the volume. 

Modular Amplifier Cards

Personal audio comes with headphones with high, low impedance and sensitivity, over-ear, on-ear de-signs. This also includes highly sensitive in-ear moni-tors or earphones. As such, it is incredibly difficult to satisfy the various requirements of all these units with a single circuit. 

The HM802s features a user-replaceable slot for amplifier cards. As a result, it is now possible to use different cards to best fit the specific requirements of each headphone/earphone. The HM802U offers true balanced output capability, increasing resistance to interference, widening the soundstage, and improving detail and separation. 

HM802s+Power II Amp Card: The Powerful Drive 

The Power II Amp Card is upgraded from the one formerly used with the HM801 It features a simple yet elegant and pure circuit design to reduce noise, improve sound quality and increase usability with any head-phone or earphone. Once again, it defines the keynote of HIFIMAN products: relaxing, mellow and smooth. HIFIMAN takes this a step further by reducing the heat emission and gain higher indication. It is particularly adaptable for even the most difficult-to-drive headphones.

  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz 
  • THD 0.008% (Line out) 
  • S/N 110dB 
  • SD Card Memory up to 256G 
  • Battery Life 11 hours 
  • DAC Chip WM8740 x 2
  • Supported Music Formats 16/24Bit: WAV, FLAC, APE, AIFF (44.1KHz-192KHz) MPS, WMA, ALAC, AAC, OGG DSD64 (DFF, DSF) 

Power II 

  • Power Output: 195 mW 
  • THD: 0.03% 
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz 
  • Separation: 85dB 
  • SNR (A Weight) 108dB

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