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HiFiMAN Gold MINIBOX Amplifier Card
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HiFiMAN Gold MINIBOX Amplifier Card

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Manufacturer:  HiFiMAN

HiFiMAN Gold MINIBOX Amplifier Card

Bringing High Fidelity Live Music to Your Ears is No Longer Just a Fantasy


For the First Time in History! The Metal Can duo with commercial amp card. The Metal Can costs ten times more expensive than its plastic counter-part. It is very popular in aerospace and military industries for its excel-lent temperature stability and resistance to electromagnetic interfer-ence. In hi-fi audio, its superior reliability renders excellent sounding experience. Hence the name "Gold". 

Sublime Sounding Experience  

There are up to two OPA637SM and eight BUF634U in the new MINIBOX Gold design, providing a super wide frequency range and featuring the world's best SNR. It generates smooth and rounded sound and effortlessly makes it extremely exuberant. 

The unique circuit design without coupling capacitor achieves the fidelity to reproduce closer-to-the-real sound of music by largely reducing distortion. Bringing high fidelity live music to your ears is no longer just a fantasy. 

Dynamic and Powerful 

MINIBOX Gold is so powerful with its upgraded 440mW drive, equal to 15 iPhone6s working altogether. It's high performance will drive some of the most demanding headphones on the market and produce the listening experience you have ever dreamt for. When playing music with wide dyna-mic range, MINIBOX Gold stills assures high output performance. 

Be prepared to have your ears bathed in audio delight. MINI-BOX Gold renders the sounding beautifully rounded, relaxed and. With a clear high pitch, a rounded, exuberant mid and the solid texture of the low, the mu-sicality is smooth and velvety. 


  • Power supply voltage:±8.2v 
  • Power supply current:±20ma
  • Maximum balanced output (30R load) Low Gain/High Gain: 2.32v(179mw)/3.91v(477mw)
  • S/N: 112+/-1dB
  • Frequency response: 20hz-20Khz(-1dB) 
  • Maximum Normal output (30R load) Low Gain/High Gain: 1.45v(70mw)/2.5v(200mw)
  • S/N:  109+/-3dB
  • Frequency response:    20hz-20Khz(-1dB)
  • Output impedance:  1 Ohm

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