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HiFiMAN EF2A USB Tube Headphone Amplifier
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HiFiMAN EF2A USB Tube Headphone Amplifier

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HiFiMAN EF2A USB Tube Headphone Amplifier

HiFiMan EF2A: Great Sounding Tubes for Your Cans

HiFiMan has done it again, building outstanding headphone products that are priced way too low for the level of sound quality they offer.

The diminutive EF-2A is a fantastic sounding headphone amp with all the sonic characteristics you'd want from a headphone amp at four times the price; warmth, power, resolution and the golden glow of tubes! The only thing better than the sound from this headphone amp is the way it looks. A simple chassis with an aluminium faceplate and an acrylic top plate with vacuum tubes sticking out of the top, the EF-2A is a very cool looking piece of kit. More importantly, it feels solid despite the small size; the EF-2A has nice heft to it and the high-quality volume control feels like it came from a much more expensive unit.

Phenomenal performance for money

Looking for a headphone in the half a grand price point, check out the EF-2A first, we think you'll be surprised how much performance you get for your money. Both USB & Analog Inputs The EF-2A sports both a stereo analog input and a USB B-type input. Switchable from the faceplate, these inputs make the EF-2A the cornerstone of any headphone rig.

The analog input is very good in its own right offering astonishing transparency for such an inexpensive product. Connect it up to your CD player or any other analog source and prepare to be impressed. The USB input allows the EF-2A to make use of its Burr Brown PCM2702 D/A converter and offers far greater sonic performance from your computer than using the headphone output. The DAC in the EF-2A supports up to CD quality resolution (16Bit/44kHz) via USB and sounds great doing it. Headphone Compatibility With broad and flat frequency response and plenty of power into both low and high impedance headphones, the EF-2A is a surprisingly powerful little amp. The 1/4" headphone jack is chassis mounted for solidity and connects to the headphones with a solid feel, gripping them nicely.

Designed for discriminating music listeners who demand performance and value.

An affordable alternative in a tube-driven headphone amplifier, the EF2A is a hybrid design, USB headphone amplifier using 6J1 tubes for its input stage and incorporates a Burr-Brown PCM2702 DAC Chip. The EF2A provides USB input and features 16 bit 44.1 kHz performance.

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