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Hi FI Tuning 20mm x 5mm Internal Fuses - (F) Silver Star
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Hi FI Tuning 20mm x 5mm Internal Fuses - (F) Silver Star

Audiophile internal fuse.. Hear what you've been missing

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Manufacturer:  Hi-Fi Tuning


Hi FI Tuning 20mm x 5mm Fuse - Ultimate 3 (F) Silver Star

Audiophile-Grade Fuses, Your system will play with increased power, dynamics, clarity, and coherence.

Available in the following ratings

125mA, 160mA, 250mA, 315mA, 400mA, 500mA, 630mA, 800mA

1.0A, 1.25A, 1.6A,  2.0A, 3.0A, 3.15A, 4.0A, 5.0A, 6.3A, 10.0A (If you require a larger or different rating then the ones listed please contact us)


HiFi Tuning SilverStar Fuses are made from ceramic bodies which are tuned for resonance control. Inside the fuses you’ll find pure silver wiring which is precisely calibrated for its rated capacity. This silver filament is then connected to pure silver end caps which are uncoated for maximum signal transfer.  Unlike the slight warmth the standard gold-plating imparts, SilverStar Fuses are more neutral, faster and more dynamic.


Your incoming A/C signal is only as good as the weakest link. You’ve made a considerable investment in all of your components, cables and power cords, and all of the incoming power goes though a 10p fuse.

These cheap, glass-body fuses are the last 'weak link' in your signal path. We know what you are thinking… that doesn’t make much sense.

Replace those cheap nasty fuses today and hear what you've been missing




PLEASE NOTE: These fuses are for fitting inside components. Not mains plugs  ITS IMPORTANT YOU REPLACE YOUR INTERNAL FUSES WITH THE CORRECT RATING





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