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Cartridge Man Isolator
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Cartridge Man Isolator

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Cartridge Man Isolator

The Cartridge Man Isolator is, in effect,a two way filter, its purpose is to break the mechanical feedback loop that is made as soon as the stylus touches the record - an affordable upgrade that will improve the sound of most turntables fitted with a standard mount (screw fit) cartridge. In fact, testing has shown the Isolator has been reduced the noise floor level by upto 3dB (a cut of 50%). This reduction allows far more low level information into theaudio  picture, improving sound stage, imaging and resolution, not to mention the overall timbre of instruments.

The isolator has attracted praise in the Hi Fi press, in spite of the generally accepted philosophy about cartridge mounting being the complete opposite of that which its use advocates. The Isolator will transform your vinyl system whatever it be,Project, Rega, Hadcock, Schroeder, Kuzma, Tri Planar, Graham, Roksan,Origin Live, etc.



Available in 2 versions

6-2.0 for moving coil (MC) cartridges
6-2.4 for moving magnet (MM) cartridges

' The Isolator isconstructed from two sheets of stainless steel, with a piece ofcompliant material placed between them. The top plate has two studsprotruding which have nuts run down them, to attach the plate to thepick up arm. The pick up cartridge is simply adhered to the bottom platevia two small locating pins as the cartridge is placed onto the hi-techgluefilm...'

'...The differenceswere staggering, with the plate the stereo image width was simply huge,along with better depth and height. Bass was described with betterinformation retrieval. Transients were certainly much clearer with aconfident style of delivery. Timing in the transcription was muchsharper allowing the music to pour out of the loudspeakers in anunfettered fashion. There seemed to be much more "space" around themusicians with a much lower noise floor. Vinyl and surface noise wasreduced almost to silence. Intonation was easier to distinguish, as wasthe melody line of the music...'

'...There is no doubtin my mind that this isolator represents a significant advancement inthe science of vinyl replay. Right now I would recommend the purchase ofthe Isolator to anyone with a vinyl front end priced over £300, andwould put this in the same category as having a stylus force gauge andan accurate means of speed measurement, as an invaluable accessory whichis mandatory for anyone serious about vinyl playback' (Hi Fi Worldmagazine)



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