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Grado iGrado Headphones
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Grado iGrado Headphones

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What Hi-Fi October 2012.  Grado iGrado - Five Stars “Detail levels, cohesion, authority and refinement are simply outstanding for the money.”

Grado iGrado Headphones (Black)

Grado iGrado Street Retro Style Open-Back Headphones with Neckband. Retro design meets modern technology; with the iGrado, the Brooklyn based headphone company Grado offer a distinctive 80s style with a modern touch. This high-quality and lightweight headphone features a comfortable and secure fit, utilising behind-the-neck design allowing for the headphones to stay in place when on the move.

Dynamic acoustic drivers of the iGrado ensure that your ears will be showered with clear and natural sounds. These drivers are the same as the ones that have been utilised in the acclaimed Grado SR60 headphones, which are often hailed as the best affordable headband style headphones on the market. This means for you that you can enjoy Grado's exceptional quality and sound with these portable headphones at a low price. Manufactured with an open-back mesh on the earphones, the iGrado headphones provide you with an incredible open sound character.

Typical for Grado headphones, the soft and comfortable earpads are replaceable and the wire is made with high-quality copper finishing in a standard 3.5mm jack plug for connection with any portable media device.

Headphone enthusiast around the globe have developed some inventive enhancements for the iGrado headphone. These improvements include the modification of earpads and transforming the wiring, resulting in enhanced sound reproduction. Check out the various headphone forums such as Head-Fi, HeadCase or Headwize for inspiration on how to customise the iGrado headphones.

Take your music to different realms with the iGrado neckband headphones.

iGrado Reviews

What HiFi? Editors Choice and also Winner "Best Portable Headphone" Award

"These neckband Grados are chunky, leak noise like mad and take ages to run-in, but we love them. They offer more detail, range, sense of scale and sheer musicality than anything else in this price-class".

Stuff Magazine Evaluates iGrado Headphones - Exceptional

 Stuff Magazine Evaluates iGrado Headphones – exceptional

"You don't have to spend the earth for impressive portable sounds; you just have to get some iGrados!"


  • Tranducer type: dynamic
  • Operating principle: open air
  • Frequency response: 20-20k
  • SPL 1mV: 100
  • Normal impedance: 32ohms
  • Driver matched db: 0.1
  • Weight: 3oz
  • Colour: Black & Silver
  • Cord Length (inches): 40


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