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Furutech Firebird High End Firewire Cable
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Furutech Firebird High End Firewire Cable

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Manufacturer:  Furutech


Furutech Firebird High End Firewire Cable

Furutech is proud to introduce the elegant FireBird IEEE 1394 FireWire lineup. 
When it comes to cables everything makes a difference; materials, geometry, treatments, insulation and shielding all effect the sound and picture. Everyone needs fast transfer rates, solid construction and reliability, and if the cable doesn’t look like an eye-sore so much the better. 
The FireBird series dazzles with 24 AWG silver-plated α (Alpha) OCC conductors and 20 AWG silver-plated α (Alpha) OFC power conductors for a powerful connection!

Furutech is known the world over for their quality and wide variety of cables and accessories. 

They deliver consistently superb results because Furutech engineers adhere to Pure Transmission principles; 
examine every element of the signal and power path and optimize each and every one. Furutech’s beautifully finished products match the beauty of their sound and video, the result of meticulous engineering and careful audition of various suitable materials.


・High-performance IEEE 1394 FireWire cable handles transfer rate up to 800 Mbps

・Main conductor wire: 24 AWG silver-plated α (Alpha) OCC conductors deliver minimal 
transmission loss

・20 AWG silver-plated α (Alpha) OFC power conductor make a powerful connection

・FireWire Connectors: 9-pin-to-6-pin / 6-pin-to-6-pin

・Low-noise double-layer isolation, AL foil and copper wire braiding, triple-layer shielding

・Jacket: RoHS-compliant flexible PVC (Black) and Nylon braided sleeve

・ Production Lengths: 0.6m / 1.2m / 1.8m / 3.6m / 4.5m

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