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Deflex/Milty Foculpods - Vibration Absorbers
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Deflex/Milty Foculpods - Vibration Absorbers

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Deflex/Milty Foculpods - Vibration Absorbers

Foculpods: Supplied in a pack of 4 Designed for equipment up to 20Kg

Foculpods are high performance vibration absorbing supports designed to be placed under CD Players, Turntables, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers and all other Audio, Video & Computer equipment.

Designed using computer modelling techniques the spherical surface provides even contact and uniform.

Foculpods are precisely replicated energy absorbing pads. they improve the detail/stereo imaging of sensitive audio equipment. They work by absorbing vibrations in the component chassis, or from the shelf or rack. Loosely grouped molecules within the material rub together and transfer the vibration into heat. The tacky surface eagerly bondes to metal chassis and wooden shelves, further improving vibration.


Simply place a pad under each corner of the selected equipment. For the most efffective result a set is required for each unit.  


  • Height 20mm
  • Diameter 50mm
  • Recommended Load 5Kg per pad
  • Easy to install simply place under each corner of equipment
  • Material advanced polymer
  • Pack of 4

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