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WireWorld Starlight 6 HDMI Cable 2.0m - Brand New Old Stock
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WireWorld Starlight 6 HDMI Cable 2.0m - Brand New Old Stock

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Wireworld Starlight 6 HDMI Cable 2.0m - Brand New Old Stock

The Starlight® 6 is a high-end HDMI cable which is designed to provide superior sound and image quality. It utilises the patented WireWorld innovative flat construction design resulting in significantly lower loss and higher precision than the conventional round HDMI cable design, which has been used in computer cables for decades.

Starlight® utilises silver-clad OFC conductors & zinc die-cast connectors. Starlight’s conductors contain more silver than Ultraviolet for increased efficiency/lower loss.

The Starlight® is guaranteed to can carry a 1440p (exceeds 1080p) signal up to 12m, 1080p signal up to 15m and 1080i/720p signal up to 20m.

This model is offered with a variety of configuration to meet almost every conceivable need. 

“The build quality on this cable is superb, reflecting its higher price than other cables of this same length. It is the only one that guarantees 1080p transmission without an HDMI repeater along the way.Image and sound quality were superb, and the cable passed all the tests with no problems.The connector is the sturdiest we have tested so far.” 

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity


  • Conductor type: Sliver-clad OFC 24AWG
  • Insulation: Polyethylene foam
  • Contacts: Gold/silver/Cu alloy
  • Connectors: Die-cast zinc

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