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Ecosse SMS2.4 Speaker Cable Factory Terminated
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Ecosse SMS2.4 Speaker Cable Factory Terminated

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Ecosse SMS2.4 Speaker Cable Factory Terminated

Factory terminated pairs available: 2.0m, 2.5m 3.0m, 3.5m 4.0m, 4.5m and 5.0m

- Terminated with either

--- Ecosse hollow beryllium z/x ofc bananas

--- Ecosse OFC spades


Well here it is! Ecosse SMS2.4 SuperMonocrystal™ speaker cable uses revolutionary conductor technology to bring you the world's finest cables in price versus performance-bar none!

HIFI NEWS MAGAZINE SEEM TO AGREE. They just awarded, in their JUNE 2013 edition, the SMS2.4 the highest score ever for a loudspeaker cable in the magazine-86/100! And an EDIORS CHOICE AWARD to boot. 

Years of painstaking and dedicated research has resulted in the first real advance in copper wire casting and processing since the advent of single-crystal conductor material two decades ago. This technological breakthrough is a refinement and development of the Professor Ohno process (the inventor of Monocrystal™). Temperature gradients are strictly controlled, as is the process environment.

The physical stabilisation of the pure copper from this heating and re-crystallising 'treatment' results in a wire with an absolute minimum of impurities in the grain boundary' and exceptional linearity through - and well beyond - the audio frequency band and much improved conductive properties. The low DC resistance resulting from this process ensures ultra wide bandwidth, minimum inter-frequency phase shift and uncompressed dynamics. 


Once installed, from the first bars the SMS2.4 will astound. Music is conveyed with the clarity, vibrancy and presence of a live performance. Speakers disappear and your listening room becomes the recording venue - complete with ambiance and reverberation characteristics - whether concert hall or studio. 

The sounds from vocalists and instrumentalists alike are projected into the room from solid point sources with excellent focus and correct height, width and depth perspectives. The soundstage takes on a tangible presence in your room - as do the musicians - and the finest nuances are heard for the first time. Music pours forth with an ease and liquidity that is positively organic. 

The SMS2.4 is truly a great speaker cable that transmits all audible (and beyond) frequencies with absolute linearity and accuracy, clarity and ease. In fact, it outperforms all cable we have evaluated it against-at up to 100% more expensive. You must seriously consider it in tandem with our La Prima Donna, or better, our statement Legend SE MkII Interconnect. 

The SMS 2.4 can be factory terminated with our exclusive new Ecosse-logo Monocrystal™ Copper z/x bananas (or z/x OFC) or Monocrystal™ copper (or OFC) spades (7.2mm pitch), which offer superior performance with respect to detail, sound staging and accuracy and use our proprietary Supersolder™ - pure Sn/Ag wire in 96/4 ratio.

"this loudspeaker cable is among the best I have tested. If anything on the recording reaches the amplifier output you are very likely to hear it." HI-FI & HOME CINEMA MAGAZINE, UK 

"it can be regarded as excellent value for high-end systems, its performance sufficiently transparent to do justice to the very best components." HI-FI NEWS JUNE 2013 

"While certainly expensive this cable is a fraction of the price commanded by exotic cost-no-object designs that commonly employ pure silver or silver/ gold conductors. Consequently it can be regarded as excellent value for high-end systems, its performance suffi ciently transparent to do justice to the very best components. It sounds airy and open at the top end, and its powerful bass should ensure hearty performance from large fl oorstanding speakers."John Bamford, HI-FI News Magazine UK, JUNE 2013 




Ecosse SMS2.4 Loudspeaker Cable Factory Terminated Material:

SuperMonocrystal™ 7N copper Topology: Helical (twisted pair)

Conductor diameter: 2.7mm Dielectric: ultra low-loss Polyethylene Jacket:

Vibration-absorbing flexible PVC for ultra low microphony Diameter: 13.3mm, circular cross-section

10 Year Warranty

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