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Ecosse Reference CS 2.3 Speaker Cable

Ecosse Reference CS 2.3 Speaker Cable

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Manufacturer:  Ecosse Reference





Ecosse Reference CS 2.3 Speaker Cable


This speaker cable has garnered multiple 'Best-Buy' and 5-Star reviews worldwide and offers sublime performance at a truly modest price.

The year it was released to the market it was awarded 'What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision's? Loudspeaker Cable of the Year 2000/01' - The year after it achieved another prestigious award from the same magazine. 

The CS 2.3 loudspeaker cable preserves all the detail and energy that passes between your amplifier and speakers. In construction it comprises of a twisted pair, each of 260 UHP-OFC strands. These are arranged first in 7 concentric bundles then woven into a precision rope-lay. 




This larger cross section area cable significantly lowers DC resistance extending low frequency information while it's greater surface area extends high frequency information. Used on its own single wired systems or driving all your speakers in your A/V installations, this cable is truly a winner. At this price we firmly believe you will not find a superior cable.




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