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Ecosse MS 2.15 Speaker Cable (Unterminated)
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Ecosse MS 2.15 Speaker Cable (Unterminated)

An outstanding solid core from the Monocrystal™ types especially the purity and clarity

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Manufacturer:  Ecosse Reference

Ecosse MS2.15 Speaker Cable (Unterminated)

Priced at £34.99 per metre


The MS2.15 is a high-performance, full bandwidth 'speaker' cable necessary when we acknowledge that some amplifier/loudspeaker combinations, while exhibiting many strengths, may suffer well documented slight upper-mid glare and treble edginess (and/or overemphasised bass). The greater strengths of its 1.5 sq mm perfectly circular solidcore conductors provide the solution to this problem.

The occupation area for the mid and high frequency signals in a solidcore conductor is greater than a stranded conductor of similar X-section, therefore resistance is reduced and delivery of high frequency information is improved and even extended. Low DC resistance meanwhile maintains low frequency extension and control, presenting it with weight, speed and perfect pitch accuracy. The result is an improved sense of ambience and larger soundstage; vocals are clearer with real presence and natural breath tones; glare and edginess give way to a sweeter and more detailed treble. Truly, in the MS2.15 we have another world beater!

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