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Dynaudio Contour 60 Speakers
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Dynaudio Contour 60 Speakers


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Manufacturer:  Dynaudio


Dynaudio Contour 60 Speakers

Finishes: Walnut Satin, White Oak Satin, Piano Black, Piano White, Rosewood High Gloss(+15%) and Bubinga High Gloss(+15%)

Commanding, clear-cut, absolute. This Is Contour 60.

The Contour 60 is a three- way design. At the bottom sit the two brand-new 24cm MSP woofers. At the top is the magnificent Esotar soft-dome tweeter. Between them is a completely new 15cm midrange driver. Like the rest of the drivers it uses an aluminium voice-coil and deploys a neodymium magnet system and designed by the Finite Element Method optimisation techniques. All of the drivers are powered by low-mass, high-durability aluminium voice-coils and the tweeter's voice coil sits as they do across the Contour range in a special magentic ferrofluid working like a shock absorber it dissipates heat to reduce stress on the moving parts, which improves handling and widens the frequency response.

The new multi-layer curved cabinet and sleek but solid aluminium baffle provide your music with a robust, defined and acoustic foundation.


  • New drive units optimised in their symmetrical behaviour through Finite Element Method ensuring the best possible performance.
  • New Dynaudio MSP diaphragms with varied thickness and optimized geometry for improved mechanical stability, dispersion and radiation pattern.
  • New aluminium voice-coils being extremely light while maintaining high current capabilities and efficient heat dispersion.
  • Carefully selected crossover components and improved internal wiring.
  • A heavily braced, curved multilayer enclosure combined with a solid aluminium front baffle for significantly reduced mechanical resonances.

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