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DACs or digital to analogue converters are making a comeback thanks to the way so many of us listen to music off a computer. DACs can be used with any digital source and unless that source is pretty serious they generally improve the sound of onboard conversion.

Be it a PC soundcard, DVD player, DAB tuner or CD player you will usually find a coaxial (phono socket) or optical (Toslink socket) digital output to connect to a DAC. This then connects to a hi-fi amp and delivers better sound. More DACs even come with USB inputs

A/D Converters A/D Converters
Acoustic Research DAC's Acoustic Research DAC's
Arcam DAC's Arcam DAC's
Audiolab DAC's Audiolab DAC's
Audioquest DACS Audioquest DACS
Ayre Acoustics DACS Ayre Acoustics DACS
Bryston DACs Bryston DACs
Burson Audio DACs Burson Audio DACs
Chord Electronics DACS Chord Electronics DACS
Creek Audio DACs Creek Audio DACs
Cyrus DAC's Cyrus DAC's
Exposure DACs Exposure DACs
Furutech DACS Furutech DACS
Graham Slee DACs Graham Slee DACs
HRT DACS and A2D Converters HRT DACS and A2D Converters
iFi DACs iFi DACs
Just Audio DACs Just Audio DACs
Leema Acoustics DACS Leema Acoustics DACS
Luxman DAC's Luxman DAC's
Mass Fidelity Mass Fidelity
Meridian DACs Meridian DACs
Micromega DACs Micromega DACs
Musical Fidelity DACS Musical Fidelity DACS
Musical Surroundings Musical Surroundings
Naim Audio DACS Naim Audio DACS
NuForce DACs NuForce DACs
Oppo Oppo
Orb Hi end Audio DACs Orb Hi end Audio DACs
Parasound DACs Parasound DACs
Primare DACs Primare DACs
Pro-Ject DACS Pro-Ject DACS
PS Audio DAC's PS Audio DAC's
Roksan DACs
Quad Quad
Unison Research DACs Unison Research DACs
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