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Clearlight Audio - RDC 2 Equipment Cones ( Pack of 4 )
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Clearlight Audio - RDC 2 Equipment Cones ( Pack of 4 )

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Manufacturer:  Clearlight Audio


Clearlight Audio RDC 2 Cones

  • Large cone measuring 30mm in diameter and 27mm tall, load capacity 25kg per cone.
  • Available Unthreaded or with M6 and M8 threaded inserts

Again manufactured from the excellent RDC dampening compound, the RDC2 cone is designed to work under amplifier or source components, although we have found them beneficial under large power amplifiers and loudspeakers

RDC 2 Cones are in our opinion one of the best ways to isolate any hi-fi component from unwanted vibration. RDC does not add to or subtract information from the stereo picture but reveals what is already there it does not get in the way of the music. This cones performance is so staggering that many high fidelity publications are endorsing its use.

"...soundstage became more focused and stable, guitars had more power, depth and texture. But is was the voice that really did it. Far more real, the breathing a totally natural part of the performance." 


  • RDC2 cones are Especially adapted for loudspeakers and heavy amplifiers
  • Dimensions: Ø 30 mm, H 27 mm
  • Colour: black
  • Load capacity: 25 kg per cone

These cones do not work on the single point principle, but rather force any vibration to take the longest route which is achieved by the cones scouped out top section. Anything placed on these cones will only rest on the outer edges. Supplied in packs of 4.

M6 and M8 threads also available as an optional extra.

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