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The Welte Mignon Mystery Vol. I Vinyl LP

The Welte Mignon Mystery Vol. I Vinyl LP

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The Welte Mignon Mystery Vol. I

 This is not a historical recording: quite the opposite. TACET's Tube Only recording technique renowned for their crystal clarity and spaciousness, score another triumph here. Yet the music is heard in the original interpretations, accurate to within a hair's-breadth. The Key to the mystery is that the original performer was present at the recent recording session, but not physically. As if by time machine, the music is heard played on the modern Steinway, without the loss of sound quality usually inevitable with historical recordings.




Side A

1. Danzas Espanolas

2. Danzas Espanolas

3. Danzas Espanolas

4. Goyescas

Side B

1. Valses Poeticos

2. Piece De Scarlatti

3. Goyescas 

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