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Ernest Ansermet - Ravel: Sheherazade / Berlioz: Les Nuits D'Ete 180 Gram Vinyl LP

Ernest Ansermet - Ravel: Sheherazade / Berlioz: Les Nuits D'Ete 180 Gram Vinyl LP

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Ernest Andermet - Ravel: Sheherazade / Berlioz: Les Nuits D'Ete 2 x 180 Gram Vinyl LP

Reissued Decca SXL from Speakers Corner. At the time when Ravel set down "Shéhérazade," and although he had already composed such works as "Pavane pour une Infante defunte" and "Jeux d'eau," — regarded today as excellent — the young composer was still struggling for recognition. Five times he tried to win the prestigious Prix de Rome, France's highest musical award, but he barely achieved more than limited acclaim.

Ravel's provocative assertion that he didn't follow any particular musical direction, but was an anarchist is reflected in his free, wonderfully interwoven composition "Shéhérazade". A touch of the Orient is entwined with late-romantic harmony and an impressionistic, modern brilliance, whose depth calls for and merits repeated listening. Ravel shares the lot of a misunderstood genius with Hector Berlioz. Written in 1832, his cycle "Les Nuits d'Eté", with its pulsating and arietta-like but also morbid and ghostly songs, provide a wonderful example of a composition from the French Romantic era. The present superb performance was highly acclaimed by producer and author G. A. Eckle, who stated "Régine Crespin is the embodiment of quality when it comes to French repertoire in her category."




Side 1

1. Sheherazade (Ravel) 

i. Asie 

ii. La Flute Enchantee

iii. L'Indifferent

2. Nuits D'Ete (Berlioz)

i. Villanelle

ii. Le Spectre De La Rose

Side 2

1. Nuits D'ete (Berlioz)

i. Absence

ii. Sur Les Lagunes

iii. Au Cimetiere

iv. L'ile Inconnue.


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