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Beethoven/Heifetz/Emanual Bay - Sonatas 8 & 10 Vinyl LP
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Beethoven/Heifetz/Emanual Bay - Sonatas 8 & 10 Vinyl LP

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Beethoven/Heifetz/Emanual Bay - Sonatas 8 & 10 Vinyl LP

Catalogue Number: IMP6013 

For many classical music lovers, Beethoven's eighth violin sonata lives in the long, fiery shadow of the ninth, better known as the "Kreutzer". This is easy to understand, as the Kreutzer is a prime example of the stormy side of Beethoven - the one many listening see as his most exiting and revealing trait. However, just as his eighth symphony is the kinder, gentler companion to his towering, formidable ninth, the eighth violin sonata, shorter and less aggressive than the ninth, shows a more lyrical side of Beethoven.

For this release, RCA couples the eighth sonata with the tenth, also in G major. One of the loveliest of Beethoven's compositions for violin, the mood of the tenth sonata is the perfect complement to the eighth.

Although RCA would often place Heifetz alongside great pianists like Rubinstein, it was with Emanual Bay that he found the greatest chemistry. This new Impex LP is the long overdue 180 gram debut of the famous Heifetz/Bay team.


The two sonatas were recorded on October 16 and 17, 1952 using a single microphone. These moaural masterpieces come closer to capturing the true Heifetz tone than many concerto recordings of the stereo era and Impex's all analogue production, featuring mastering by Kevin Gray & Robert Pincus and pressing at RTI, preserves the incredible dynamic range of this historic session, without the unnatural EQ of the original LP. Strictly limited to 2000 pressings, this will surely become the next great collectable reissue for Impex Records.



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