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Trichotomy - Variations CD
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Trichotomy - Variations CD

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Trichotomy - Variations CD 

Trichotomy's compelling, hugely dynamic trio music draws on the avant-rock of Radiohead, ECM minimalism and their love of improvisation in an entrancing Australian echo of the European jazz innovations of the likes of EST or Tord Gustavsen. Founded as Misinterprotato in 1999 when the three members met whilst studying at the Queensland Conservatorium, their unique sound is driven by award winning pianist Sean Foran, expansive, dynamic percussionist John Parker, and visceral double bassist Patrick Marchisella.

Inspired by a diverse range of influences from Aphex Twin to Vijay Iyer, and Tortoise to The Bad Plus, Trichotomy's music combines a dense rhythmic focus with the melodic clarity of a Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau or Stravinsky and like fellow Australians The Necks, whom they cite as an early influence, there is a remarkable attention to detail and a desire to allow ideas to develop naturally within their music. A key focus is the balance between piano/bass/drums, with the trio maintaining a free flowing three way conversation with no one dominating and all contributing integral parts. Compositions often find a fine balance between heavily notated sections then completely free improvisations.

"Variations" their third album, and the first to be released internationally, features a variety of melodic and rhythmic landscapes, with the relaxed structures of Foran and Parker's intimate songwriting decorated by the group's spontaneous musicality. The 'variations' come from the mood and texture created by the intuitive interplay between the three members of Trichotomy and the subtle balance between delicate textural explorations and vigorous driving pieces. They shift effortlessly from beautifully subtle ballads such as ‘Please' and ‘Ascent' to the densely ferocious ‘Chunk' (where Marchisella's bass sounds more like a distorted electric guitar), ‘The Unknown' whose disjointed rhythms sound completely natural, and ‘Variations on a bad day' which moves from single piano notes to dense polyrhythmic phrases in a fraction of a second.


Track Listings 

1. Island of the Sun
2. At the Right Moment
3. Branching Out
4. Start
5. Ascent
6. Variations on a Bad Day
7. Chunk
8. Please
9. The Unknown
10. Labyrinth 


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